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smoking weed and uti

Answered by a doctor

hi everyone i hope yall can help me with my prob. well im diagnosed with UTI 2 times and im on my 2nd time now the first time i smoked weed while on a medicine for uti the i got a recurrence so i went to the dr. to get prescription again i just wanna ask experts here if smokin weed affect my healing...

by User avatar flipzide

Burning after peeing second time but not first

I have my period I pee then wipe then after cleaning my hands I have to pee again and then it burns so wondering what would cause that a nurse reckons its because of my period but I'm not sure sometimes I get the urge to pee frequently

by User avatar Guest

Pain in the clit during urination

Answered by a doctor

I have been experiencing some pain in my clit, mainly during urination. I am sexually active and have been doing it unprotected alot frequently then I should be, although im on the pill. I quite abit of sexually activity on the weekend after I havn't had any sex for just over 2 weeks. I last had sex...

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Urethral Caruncle which causes burning in urethra & pelvic pain

Answered by a doctor

Is there anyone else with a urethral caruncle??. I am a 70 yo female - post menopausal. The caruncle looks like a purplish skin tag that protrudes from urethra.  It is painful to touch - gives a burning feeling constantly & is worse with standing!!! It feels like I'm extremely swollen in...

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Is it okay to masturbate with a ureteral stent?

I am 18 years old male and 2 weeks ago i had a upj surgery to fix obstruction that blocks the flow of urine out of the kidney. They left a stent inside the kidney or ureter and told me that it will be there for 1month.  I was shy to ask this from my doctor but does anybody know if its okay to...

by User avatar leosulla360688

Formaldehyde smelling urine

Answered by a doctor

I am about 6 weeks postpartum. I became very anemic while pregnant, and am slowly getting my blood count back up towards normal. I also have a hernia under my belly button due to labor, which I will be having surgery on soon. I have stopped the bleeding from the pregnancy a few weeks ago. I have now...

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Catheter leaking and it seems that I'm currently using the biggest one

Hi, I am a man who has been using catheters for over 20 years. I started out using 16 fr catheters however over the years my uretha has stretched out so I simply started using next bigger size catheter now using 40fr which now fits very loose and leaks . I have search the Internet no one seems to...

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Frequent urination, every 30-60 minutes

Answered by a doctor

I am going to the bathroom to void quite often. Yesterday I had a full bladder every 30-60 minutes. I am in my 30's and have been having this problem for about 3 years now. It started out one night where every 10 minutes I had to void and could not sleep at all. I have alot of pressure in my...

by User avatar leah

Urethral Pain With No Infection 2018

This post is a follow up to the 10 year old thread called Urethral Pain with No Infection. My post is being created in Oct 2018 after just reading 28 pages of the previous post. I'd like to see the topic continue in a new thread because the old one is old and maybe new treatments have come out, or...

by User avatar fructed chromolithograph

is it normal to have frequent urination after 3 months from bladder sling surgery

why am i still having frequent urination after bladder sling surgery  

by User avatar Guest