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every time after I stop urinating there were a few drops left

mr biomajor any time i pee there was drop after i have stop urinate.

by User avatar dustproof philosopher

Blood in urine, what to do? what kind of a pill can I take?

If there's blood in urine, what should one do about it? So terrifying but I heard there's diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill which can treat this. I wonder if it's true? Can anyone tell me about it?

by User avatar crucial clothing

can prostate infections in men cause UTI infection in women through intercourse?

Answered by a doctor

I'm a woman getting married in a few months and my finance may have a prostate infection. Since the prostate produces 30% of the semen that is ejaculated, it is possible that any bacteria present in the prostate could be transferred to me during intercourse and cause a UTI?

by User avatar bambo732677

urethral burning during ovulation and a few days before my period

Answered by a doctor

I have painful urethral burning during ovulation and a few days before my period. I'm not able to have intercourse during these times due to the pain. I do not have an UTI.  I have had cystoscopies that have been negative.  I'm on an antibiotic, macrobid to help control the symptoms but doesn't...

by User avatar packofthree261386

I just lost my virginity and Im having cloudy and stinky pee

Answered by a doctor

I just lost my virginity and for the past few days I've been noticing that my pee is cloudy with oily stuff in it and it has an extremly odd smell to it.. what could be wrong?

by User avatar terry_72992_duke

Urine retention and my ultrasound showed splenomegaly and right renal calculus

Hello Dr.,i am a boy and my query is that over couple of years I have been noticing a problem of urine retention and I have done my ultrasound with impression 1)splenomegaly2)right renal calculus two 5 and 4 mm 3) significant P.V.R.U.... besides , I have a post void residue of 122cc.... So, could...

by User avatar Guest

Smokey smelling urine

Answered by a doctor

Please advise of urine tht smells of barbucue smoke, I know this sounds strange but it is true, and no I have not eaten barbque anything or smoked anything?

by User avatar Guest

can you have urinary retention after a colonoscopy?

can you have urinary rendition after a colonscopy

by User avatar Guest

Can Anxiety Create Urinary Problems?

Answered by a doctor

Over the last year and a half my need to void has steadily increased to about one time an hour. However, on April 6th of this year, after masturbating to climax, I not only had the urge to void, but afterwards I still felt that I hadn't gone. I still felt full. I would go again in 15 minutes and...

by User avatar strobers32851

Itchy urethra, just inside the tip

Answered by a doctor

i just got back from 14 month deployment to afghanistan this april and i have been with 6 women since then.... condoms sometime but when it comes down to it i have been with each of them, at least once per, without protection. felt as healthy as a horse all the way up until 2 days ago when i had...

by User avatar this0874506