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ammonia smell, and headaches

so i too, have been smelling ammonia deep in my nose, worried me, and my doctor has informed me that it is common in those with high blood pressure. Mine was up, i start meds tomorrow. Hopefully it will help. It is an unpleasant smell!

by User avatar seven_hale94637

What is the most common cause of painful swollen hands and feet with numbing and tingling

Painful swollen hands and feet with numbing and tingling

by User avatar Guest

agent orange related blood count problems

Answered by a doctor

I’m interested in effects on orange agent on blood cells. I heard that it was used in Vietnam and that consequences are still present. How does it affect human body? I’m especially interested in problems related to blood count. Post if you are informed about this.

by User avatar Guest

I am vegetarian and have high cholesterol

Hi, I am vegetarian for years and recently I got by blood tests results indicating that my cholesterol is high. How can it be when I am not taking any animal fat?

by User avatar Guest

lymph% for blood test results

What does high lymph% mean for blood test results

by User avatar Sugar

when blood comes from mouth is it a symtom for a disease

Answered by a doctor

what is the reason of blood to come out of our mouth

by User avatar divya

High WBC and Keloids?

Answered by a doctor

I've had a high white blood cell count for over 20 years and they have never been able to figure out why. I also have suffered from keloids in the past 20 years as well. I was wondering if anyone else out there has a problem with keloids and also a high white blood cell count and if there could...

by User avatar Dop37

Strange throbbing/ pulsing in my thigh just above knee

Answered by a doctor

I have an unusual heavy pulse in my left inner thigh just above my knee for the last couple of days. It isn't painful, but it is a little alarming. It goes in and out irregularly. It's like a quick little quiver, in rythym with my pulse. What is this, and should I do something!?!

by User avatar rus.landon33620

High Lymph count in blood test

I have minor arthritis problems. I have been having trouble with bursitis and tendenitis. My doctor ran several blood tests, including Lymes and arthritis. My lymph test came back 49-high. I know my lymph system works to fight infection. What might this mean in relation to my symptoms? Is there...

by User avatar BetsySAS

Hematoma not resolving for over six months now? What's going on?

Answered by a doctor

Six months ago I fell and now I have big hematoma on my left thigh. It’s still there. My doctor told me that it will disappear but after six months I thing that I need to do something. Should I go to doctor again? What to do when hematoma not resolving for over six months now? What's going on?

by User avatar Guest