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painful raised bruise on finger

Answered by a doctor

When I grab a door handle, such as into the lunch room at work, or the refrigerator, I get a very painful, raised bruise that is very senisitive. The brusing has now spread to the inner side of my finger.

by User avatar amorgan

throbbing heart beats in head

my systolic bp is 160/170. feel pulse beat sound in head specially on lying down. Head warm. Any reason? Help, Drugs?

by User avatar Guest

Sudden weakness as though all the blood has drained out.

I get this attack every few days and it lasts the whole day.I feel as though my whole body is drained of blood.I feel so weak, I take rest for the duration.It is not pain as such.More like weakness.The doctor could not find anything

by User avatar Guest

pseudomonas infection in urine and pregnant

I am 12weeks pregnant and have a urine infection with pseudomonas, i wonder if anyone else had this and what treatment did they have without causing harm to the fetus.

by User avatar jeano

is there any treatment for a burst blood vessel?

is there any treatment for a burst blood vessel

by User avatar Guest

agent orange related blood count problems

Answered by a doctor

I’m interested in effects on orange agent on blood cells. I heard that it was used in Vietnam and that consequences are still present. How does it affect human body? I’m especially interested in problems related to blood count. Post if you are informed about this.

by User avatar Guest

My big toe has turned black

My big toe on my left foot has turned black and is extremely painful. It feels as if a needle is being inserted into the toe every few minutes or so. I have taken all number of pain killers, but nothing seems to ease the pain. I have recently undergone an angio plasti for clogged arteries, but this...

by User avatar lawrenw2107719

agent orange and low blood platelet count

Answered by a doctor

I was in E 2/5 USMC in Vietnam (AnHoa and PhuBai) in 1967 and I am having all kinds of problems with bone degeneration, aching legs, and a very low blood platelet count. Is there a correlation between this and agent orange? I have been to the VA in Memphis and really haven't found out too much...

by User avatar tntch2

Diagnosed with Anemia but Iron levels normal

I can say that strange thing cannot avoid me. I will tell you about my problem. After two months of symptoms like dizziness, tiredness, pale skin and chronic fatigue on the end, I have decided to visit doctor. After the analysis I am diagnosed with anemia but my iron levels are normal. How it is...

by User avatar Guest

My daughter has been diagnosed with a Cavernoma on her Occipital Lobe. Any info regarding surgery?

My 13 year old daughter has been diagnosed with a Cavernoma on her Occipital Lobe from an incidental finding after a concussion. They are talking about surgery... I am hoping to get some info from this forum to help me get through these tough decisions. If your child had this surgery,...

by User avatar MamaBearTracy