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Tests Results for: Lymph% 45.4. What does that mean?

My test results were 45.4% for the LYMPH%  What does that mean?

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low blood platelets but other results normal

31 year old male...........recently had a routine blood test, while RBC, WBC, Liver & everything came normal, had slightly low blood platelet count of 129. they asked to get another test, and this time the count was 122. they have now referred me to a hemotologist. a little about my...

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Hygiene when performing a blood test

Hi, everybody. I'm new to this forum and have just joined today. :-) I am typing this post due to noticing that there seems to be a lot of clinical unprofessionalism that I have observed over the years in the healthcare sector, particularly with nurses doing invasive procedures such as blood tests...

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Strange pulsing in my legs

Answered by a doctor

I'm a 15 year old girl who is experiencing heavy pulsing/throbbing in both my legs. It happens randomly at some point every day. It doesn't hurt or make my legs feel stiff it just feels like super heavy pulsing and it's starting to scare me. It's mostly in my thighs and knees. I've never really had...

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Can someone be fully cured from leukemia?

Answered by a doctor

Hello, I would like to hear some info regarding chronic lymphocytic leukemia. My brother, 54 years old has just been diagnosed with that illness and I have to say that I was a shock for all of us. I mean, there were no symptoms, he just said that blood test showed some abnormalities and after...

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when blood comes from mouth is it a symtom for a disease

Answered by a doctor

what is the reason of blood to come out of our mouth

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my hemoglobin level is 117 is that serious if so how can i increase it

my hemoglobin level is 117 is that a serious problem what can i do about it .

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Recovery after brain swelling and blood clot removal

Hi My wife had an operation to relieve pain from Trigeminal Neuragia. The next day they found out that she had a blood clot, which they thought would desolve on its own, as it was small. Unfortunatley she deteriorated and her brain began to swell. She had emergency surgery to remove the clot and...

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Feeling a heartbeat in my eye

Hello, folks. I must admit that I have been worried lately. I am feeling a heartbeat in my eye. This really bothers me. I would really like to know whether this is something serious or not. I would be very grateful if anyone could tell me if this is serious or not. Thanks for your help. Bye!

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I had blood work done and my white blood cell count was highlighted high. what does that mean?

I had blood work done and my wbc was high lighted high so what does that mean

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