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Burning in cuticle and finger joint right above

Hi, I have been suffering with burning in the ends of my fingers on the top where the cuticle meets the nail and up past the 1st finger joint.  My doctor has no clue what it could be.  I do suffer with arthritis and am on meds but she doesn't know if this is related.  Anyone else having problems...

by User avatar Kellygirl63227211

I've been diagnosed with Spinal Stenosis and Osteoarthritis. having Lower right back/hip pain

I have had this excruciating pain on my hip/right buttock pain that i just can't describe, I have been diagnosed with Spinal Stenosis, and Osteoarthritis and Disc Degeneration of the Spine. Well that doesn't make life easy let me tell you. My whole body feels like a truck hit it and that's how...

by User avatar Guest

Problem with meniscus pain after surgery

I had surgery in August this year to repair a torn meniscus. Its now december and i am still in constant pain. Is this normal?

by User avatar Guest

sudden bruising on hands

I often get a sudden sharp pain usually on my hands but once on my wrist followed by painful bruising which might last an hour or a couple of days I don't have to bang my hand for this to happen I have asked Doctor who did blood tests but no answer given

by User avatar Eluned

numbness in groin area after hip surgery

Has anyone out there had this happen to them. numbness in the groin area after hip surgery.

by User avatar hmoody9669

I have chronic body pain years after scoliosis surgery

Answered by a doctor

Hello, my name is Amy. I am 37 years old. When I was 14 I was disgnosed with scoliosis and had corrective surgery. I received the harrington rods and cotrel duboset hinges (sp?) I have 3 curves in my spine, which left my spine looking like a questionmark, the largest curve being between my shoulder...

by User avatar pitty2bulls177374

Pain in back during adrenalin rush situations

Answered by a doctor

I am a 45 year old male in generally good health, with no history of heart or other physical problems. I have been experiencing increasing pain/throbbing in my lower to middle back during highly tense situations (i.e. sudden traffic stress), especially when the adrenal glands appear to kick in. At...

by User avatar Ray Jay TO

My Sternum is cracking!!!

Answered by a doctor

For the past couple of months I have had slight pain in my Sternum. It only occurred if I would move a specific way. The pain wasn't extreme, it had the feeling of a joint wanting to crack but unable to. I never thought anything of it until yesterday when my sternum began cracking. I twisted a...

by User avatar Guest

Shoulder, Neck pain with blocked ear

Answered by a doctor

Could somebody tell me if shoulder pain, specifically in my shoulder blade and up the back of my neck with a blocked ear is all connected? I have pain in my shoulder blade, I have to crack it constantly to get any relief. Then the pain went up my neck too. I have to now pop my neck to get any...

by User avatar lianna84