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Shoulder impingement - What should i do?

i have shoulder impingement.the pain didn't pass with physiotherapy,not even with muscle strenghtening exersices.But the pain isnt that bad i feel it sometimes and i can definately play sports without the pain stoping me.But i would like the pain to go away.What should i do

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Switching Fingertips Pain

hi, im currently 24 and had this strange problem recently. 3 weeks ago i got the pain in my right hand finger tips. then after a few days, there is no more pain. Insteat the pain moved to my left hand. then lately, the pain had swicth to my right foot tole. can i now what is happening to me?...

by User avatar lyky8215828

Left Hip Pain

Answered by a doctor

I have similar pain but mine is like a burning pain in my left hip i think its the bone but not sure some time it just a pressing pain but if i been at school and sitting for awhile it turns to burning and it goes into my back. if anybodys know anything i would appreciate it Thanks..

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Early morning nausea/fever/muscle and joint pain

Answered by a doctor

For the last year my sister, age 56, has been awakened in the early morning with debilitating nausea, fever and joint and muscle pain. The "episode" lasts 6-7 hours. Doctors have found nothing in blood work, CAT scan, MRI, etc. Twice she had a minor sinus infection but the...

by User avatar Texas Sister17200

left shoulder feels out of place and covered with "knots"?

Answered by a doctor

My left hip has very little mobility so it is probably just the left side of me, but my left shoulder clicks and pops every time I move it around. It does not feel like its in the proper place and if you massage my shoulder it feels like there are "knots" all around it that never seem to...

by User avatar ljfletcher

bone protruding after open heart surgery

i have a large bone protruding just under my collarbone after open heart surgery, not soft tissue!  could it be a deflected sternum? please explain in detail if you know. There is NO PAIN.

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Pain in lower leg

Answered by a doctor

Hi, I play hockey and recently I have been getting sharp pain in the front of the lowest part of my leg, just above the ankles, it never bothers me anywhere else, but when i put pressure on (my skates) i feel a sharp pain in that area. Anyone have an idea whats going on?

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seaver’s disease

Hi, My PCP has recently diagnosed me with Seaver Disease. It’s effecting the heal on my left foot. I first noticed the symptoms year ago (feeling pain in that area) but at that time he told me it will go away by itself. But, every time I do any physical exercise (golf, jogging, soccer..), after...

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Does anybody know if you can get gout on the back of your heel near the achilles tendon? Wyo

by User avatar wyo

hip stifness

Hello! I am 36 year-old male. I have been working hard for the last couple of months and having been neglecting my trainings and working out. I know I shouldn’t have but I just couldn’t find time. Anyway, for the last couple of weeks I have been feeling strange feeling in my hip, sort of a...

by User avatar bair1655