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weird feeling/popping in head

Answered by a doctor

For the past week I've been having a weird feeling in my head. I don't know how to explain it. It's not painful it's just odd, something is not right. I also feel a small popping in my head. Sometimes I feel it every few minutes and sometimes I feel it every few hours. I also am finding it...

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toes and cortizone BEWARE

Answered by a doctor

I had pain behind my second toe of my right foot. I went to a podiatrist and he injected cortisone into the joint between my foot and my second toe. It immediately felt better and I left happy. About a month later the pain returned so I returned to the podiatrist. That injection didn't help at...

by User avatar scubabb148325

Artificial device that can replace the sternum?

Has no one come up with an artificial device that can replace the sternum ? The longer you go without a sternum the worst you feel. The strain on your back, chest and body is unbearable ! If so please advise me. thank you

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Strange bruise on finger with numbness

Answered by a doctor

Yesterday morning I noticed that the tip of the middle finger on my right hand was completely numb. It didn't hurt, it was just numb and tingled when I touched it. After examining my hand I noticed a bruise in the middle of the inside of that finger. I don't recall hurting that finger and the bruise...

by User avatar Shannon

Comments and reviews on article "Hip Bursitis - Trochanteric Bursitis"

Users comments and reviews on article Hip Bursitis - Trochanteric Bursitis by SirGan

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My left collarbone sticks out further than the right.

Answered by a doctor

My left collarbone sticks out further than my left one. I don't have any pain, just a little tightness here and there. Although it does bother me to sleep on my side after awhile. It does'nt seem to be any lymph nodes, because i feel my actual bone and there are no bumps. It's a little higher than...

by User avatar sickone08

Another clavicle surgery-having plates and screws out

Hi, I broke my left clavicle in Dec 07 - didn't heal so was advised to have surgery. I had the surgery in Sept 08, plate and 6 screws. 2 of the end screws ahve come loose and are sticking out - really painful. Surgeon has advised he wants to take the plate and all screws out !!! I am slightly on...

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under skin hard growth where rib cage joins

Answered by a doctor

I have a hard egg sized ball where the two sides of my rib cage connect on my upper chest. The area I always called the sternum. I am 64 years old with no other symptoms. I have noticed it for some years but suddenly it seems larger, particularly when I am lying on my back. Our family MD said...

by User avatar mike513119

Numbness in left side lower lip and chin after having prolia injection

I have a prolia injection on June 20 and about 5 weeks later I noticed the numbness in my left lower lip and chin.  also, my hip and groin and leg on the right side have been very bothersome.   Has anyone had this and does anyone know how long it may take to go away?

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Sore bump near tailbone

Answered by a doctor

I am a 23 year old female and I have a very sore bump near my tailbone, at the very top of my butt, just on one side of the crack. There is also some tenderness around the area. It hurts to sit in certain positions. I went to a basketball tournament 5 days ago and sat on bleecher seats for a long...

by User avatar k3lly61982