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albuterol's not helping my cough

Answered by a doctor

I need an advice. I have chronic bronchitis. It can be very annoying disease believe me. I have a regular family doctor who is monitoring my condition. He gave me albuterol in tablets. But it seems that something is wrong. I cough all the time. Can you tell me what is wrong?

by User avatar sandor31165287


How effective is albuetrol in treatment of chronic bronchitis? Does it heal the disease or just increase the symptoms? I’ve got severe lung infection that developed into bronchitis. I can feel that my breathing passages are narrower and cause me difficulties in breathing and shortness of breath....

by User avatar Guest

albuteral overdose

what part of the body is affected by an overdose of albuteral.

by User avatar saoneal777

Does the Salbutamol make you gain weight?

Hello, I am under weighted and I have tried several preparations to gain extra kilos but so far I did not have much success. A friend told me that Salbutamol might help with gaining weight and I guess I would like to know if that is true. Does the Salbutamol make you gain weight?

by User avatar alika51550

Woman using Clenbuteral for weightloss

I would like to know if it is safe to use if i fall pregnant or will it have an effect on getting pregnant at all? Can I only do cardio for weightloss with this product. :-) ?

by User avatar didi

side effect of salbutamol nebule?

Hello, my son is suffering from asthma and he is 4 years old. After several examinations, doctors said that he has atopic constitution and that he might subdue to asthma easily. He was prescribed with corticosteroid and salbutamol inhalers. He is young and I am scared of unwanted side effects. Can...

by User avatar herta39955373

Effectiveness of eformoterol Turbohaler versus salmeterol Accuhaler?

I have been thinking a lot about my little boy's condition. He is 11 years old and it seems that he is slowly developing first signs of asthma. He also has allergies that do not help his situation at all. I would like to know about effectiveness of aformoterol Turbohaler versus salmeterol Accuhaler....

by User avatar evvy49273

What are Accu-Hale side effects?

Hello, my son has asthma and he has been dealing with it for four years now. Last time we went to a doctor he has been prescribed with Accu-hale, he hasn't use it before. I would like to hear something more of this medication. I am just afraid of the side effects, he already has several problems...

by User avatar klarrisa70555375

What is Accu-Hale?

Hi, my daughter is 8 years old and she does have a lot of extra weight. She also subdues to respiratory infections easily. Increased affinity to resp. infection she had ever since she was just a baby. Often, these infections end with asthma attack. Last time we were at the doctor’s; she...

by User avatar walliw32639

Atrovent usage

Hello. I am a guy 35 years old and I have a brother that is using Atrovent for treatment. I asked him to explain what the drug is for, and he explained partially. He said that it is used for lungs or something. Does he have a serious condition? I am not that close with him, but I still care. Any...

by User avatar grenville31854