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Hello, my sister is pregnant and she has asthma. Those attacks became more frequent as she got pregnant. She went to a doctor and was told that to try with Accu-Hale. We would like to know what this Accu-hle is, we did not heard of it before, and can it affect the baby. Please, help!

by User avatar junie50355377

cardiolite persantine test and albuterol

What is cardiolite persantine test like? I suffer arteriosclerosis and am afraid of consequences it may cause. I was diagnosed heart disease and got a therapy. I have asthma, and use albuterol. It may be unsafe for me to do the test. I am not sure what to do. I am afraid that asthma and heart...

by User avatar Guest

Xopenex for a baby?

My baby boy is three months old and he has breathing problems. Those are result of respiratory infections. We have tried everything to stop these infections, but his immunity is very low (I am not breast feeding). Doctor recommended Xopenex for my baby. Is that a right choice? I am just concerned...

by User avatar farrand91666057

Has anyone used Xopenex HFA inhalers?

My four tears old son is put on Xopenex HFA inhaler. I am not sure how to give this medicine to him. He is just too young. Has anyone used Xopenex HFA inhalers? Do you have personal experience with this medication? Did you have similar problem? Who should I ask about this matter?

by User avatar ninon43519

I'm taking maxair 25.6 gram 2 inhalations every 4 to 6 hours

Asthma has become all I can think of these past few years. Sometimes, I almost forgot that I have this illness, but when the attack comes, everything is different. I have been changing medications several times and now ended up with maxair, and I am taking 25.6 gram 2 inhalations every 4 to 6 hours....

by User avatar garey38325

Is Maxair safe to use?

Unfortunately, I have been dealing with asthma for almost a decade and I have long ago forsaken all possibilities of a complete healing. Now, I only change my medicament from time to time and hope that it would work better than the previous one. I have heard of Maxair and I guess I just want to know...

by User avatar torrey40559

Side effects of Maxair?

For a long time, my son has asthma, 5 years now. In order to prevent asthmatic attack, he uses a lot of medications, including Maxair. I am very worried for his health, just as I am aware of the fact that asthma could suffocate him, I am also aware that all meds he takes have their side effects....

by User avatar laureen40991


I have a son who is few years ago diagnosed with asthma. Somehow, we get used to this condition, and we take care well about him. There we found helpful knowledge his doctor gave us about his disease. He uses medicines to relieve attack that occur from time to time. On his last doctor visit, he...

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levosalbutamol in child

My son is 15 years old and he has been suffering from asthma since he was 9. AT the beginning we were using salbutamol, but the doc has prescribed levosalbutamol for him now. Is there anybody who has used this levosalbutamo. What results did you get? Thank you in advance

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I have serious breathing problems. I started using albuteral. I hope it will help me, but it is not simple to use. Sometimes I feel uncomfortable when I have to do my “ritual’. Can I miss my dose from time to time when I am not in ‘the situation’?

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