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Please advise Ref. Aluteral Nebulizers

I am experiencing slight nosebleed after each treatment of an alberteral inhalor. I am also having what I call and "eye ach" Would appreciate any comments between now and 11:30pm thanx

by User avatar Guest

Can Proventil and Atrovent be instilled directly down an ETT?

My friends brother has survived a terrible fire accident. He is alive and operation has already been performed, but he is still having breathing difficulties. My friend did not know to tell me exactly what was going on, except that he is breathing with the help of ETT, and that he is taking...

by User avatar godart42954

singular--double dose

My daughter accidently took her singular twice tonigh. Is she in any danger? The doses were about 2 hours apart.

by User avatar dcdfab63239

Advair taken off the markets?

I suffer from asthma and been using Advair to treat my illness. I read in the newspapers about Advair, they say the drug should be taken off the market because it increases the possibility of death. Is this true? And if so, what should I do?

by User avatar sallade2034

albuterol side affects

Can excessive use of Albuterol via nebulizer (2 weeks +) cause yeast mouth infection? The patient already has an immune compromised system

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side affect of albuteral

Hello. I'm 27 year old female and I would like to find out more about one drug I'm using since recently. You see, about a month ago I was diagnosed with one mild form of asthma. Before that I had big problems with wheezing and shortness of breath and I'm glad that someone determined exactly what is...

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Allegra, Advair and Sleep

My doctor just prescribed the Advair Discus along with generic Allegra. Both have the infrequent side effect of causing insomnia, but I'm sleeping MORE. The past two nights I've come home from work around 6 and slept until 9 or 10, then gone back for a full night's sleep around 12. I caught a...

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albuteral a stimulant

I’m interested to know if albuterol that is used in asthma works as heart stimulant. Albuterol has effect on blood vessel to dilate bronchioles. And what’s with beta blockers? I’d like to hear something about albuterol stimulate effects and how dangerous they may be in patient with hbp.

by User avatar kloberdanz2151

Spiriva side effects

Hi! Doctor prescribed me Spiriva inhalation. Please tell me something about side effects of Spiriva. I notice some symptoms and I think that they are in relation with Spiriva.

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albuteral sul

I have serious breathing problems. I started using albuteral sulphate. I hope it will help me, but it is not simple to use. Sometimes I feel uncomfortable when I have to use inhalator on the street. Can I miss my dose from time to time when I am uncomfortable to use the drug?

by User avatar kieler1628