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Albuterol and Pirbuterol

I would like to know if Albuterol and Pirbuterol are in the same family? If so I am allergic to Albuterol. I was given Pirbuterol to use but was worried after Albuterol and that reaction. What should I do? My doctor said try it but still worried.

by User avatar trickyhart101131


I have a medical problem that required me to visit my doctor. He diagnosed me with some kind of allergy and worst symptom was bronchospasm. That was reason enough for him to prescribe Levalbuterol to me. This is why I am writing you, because I need to find out more about this medicine. Can you tell...

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Alternative to Primatene?

I dont like winters and I must say that spring is also not my favorite time of the year. This is because I get colds easily but they dont leave quickly. I have used several medications past years, suggested by both friends and doctors and right now I take Primatene. I suppose it works fine, but I...

by User avatar sigismundo42271

advair vs nasonex

Hi. I am an asthmatic and I take Advair to prevent asthma attacks. However, I think I am allergic to Advair. Maybe I should try Nasonex? What to do?

by User avatar kottwitz2225

going back on advair?

Hi, I had Asthma attacks for many years. I have been given different therapies, and now I am going back to the advair? My doctor suggested to consider this option.

by User avatar Guest

albuteral sulfate inhalation

I have to start with albuterol therapy because of my respiratory problems. I have difficulties when breathing and am very sensitive on air pollution. Doctor prescribed me albuterol sulfate inhalation. It is an aerosol preparation and each time I use it I feel like I have serious disease. Is it...

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albuterol and atrovent combined

My son was using Ventolin for sometime and than was put on Combivent. I was told that Combivent is albuterol and atrovent combination. What is Ventolin then? Why he is switched to Combivent? Also, I want to know, is this combination dangerous in any way? If you have any information or you have used...

by User avatar rosalynd43229

how is albuterol abused?

I am suffering from asthma. I am using Albuterol Inhalers and I have problems with prescriptions. I can’t realize why is not available over the counter. When I asked once they told me because is going to be abused .How is Alburetol abused?

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xopenex reaction

Hello. My son is ten years old and he has just begun using xopenex for treating bronchospasm. He is using it for two weeks now, but sometimes, it looks like it isn’t doing anything. I believe that my little boy have reaction on this xopenex. He seems a bit nervous when he is using it....

by User avatar hoebart128253859

advair burning tongue

Hello. I'm 35 year old female and I'm very worried about my only son. He is only 8 years old and about a month ago started to experience wheezing, shortness of breath, and breathing difficulties. Of course, I took him immediately to see his GP and he determined that my son suffers from some mild...

by User avatar bargar212