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albuterol for asthma

Answered by a doctor

Hi, my brother suffers from asthma, and a doctor prescribed him Albuterol. He said that this drug improves breathing by relaxing muscles in the airways. I would like to know more about Albuterol.

by User avatar clarie785

Oxyflux Clenbuterol

Hi, did anyone hear of oxyflux clenbuterol? I think these drugs are Mexican anabolic steroids, but I’m not sure if they are safe or not. I don’t want to take oxyflux clenbuterol until I hear some experiences from people who used them.

by User avatar Guest

Advair and weight gain

Hello, folks. I have asthma and I have recently started to use Advair. However, it seems I got some weight. I wonder whether this is related to this medication. Can Advair be responsible for this weight gain? I would appreciate all your replies. Thank you for all your replies and bye!

by User avatar ludvig135472788

Using nebulizer every 6 hours OK?

Hello, folks. My kid is 8 years old and he has asthma. He uses nebulizer in that purpose. I would like to know whether using it every 6 hours is OK or not. I would like him to get overdosed. I would appreciate if anyone could reply me to this question. Thank you in advance.

by User avatar Guest

Singular causing suicidal behavior

Hello, guys. My brother has asthma and he is using Singular. He said it worked really well on him. But, lately, he has been experiencing some suicidal behavior. I wonder whether this can come from this medication. What do you think? I would really appreciate all your replies. Thanks and bye!

by User avatar theodore13472790

Can something else?

Hi. My doctor prescribed me singular for hives, it works but can I find something over-the-counter that works the same

by User avatar Guest

why does the body shiver when levosalbutamul inhaler used?

Hi I was using aerocort inhaler with salbutamol and beclomethasone composition and now instead of salbutamol cipla has changed the composition to levo salbutamol and when i consume it my body starts shivering. i just want to know what could be the reason for this. Please guide me on this.

by User avatar Guest

My son can't use their Accuhaler properly?

My son is seven years old and he has already problems in his life. He is suffering from asthma and uses Seretide Accuhaler. In the beginning there was no problem, but lately I have noticed that he has some lip swelling from time to time and his breathing seems heavier but also occasionally. What do...

by User avatar phyllida46419

Changing from puffer to Accuhaler?

My son is 12 year sold and he has been dealing with asthma ever since he was 9 years old. His condition is stable, or at least was until recently. It seems that he will have to switch from puffer to Seretide accuhaler. Is that thing effective? Will it really help my son stabilize his health state...

by User avatar odelle33988

Should I keep the Accuhaler dry?

I have to admit that I am even more scared than my seven years old son about his asthma problems. Even though it should be controlled with Salmeterol accuhaler I am still worried for him. I do not even know one thing about that accuhaler, should I keep it dry, where to keep it while it is not in...

by User avatar cecilla43310