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Could inhalers cause esophageal problems ?

Hi, I 43 years old man. I have the medical history of asthma. For years I am using lots of kinds of inhalers for my breath problems. Recently, I have noticed that I developed esophageal problems. I heard that inhaler could be the cause of this. Could inhalers cause esophageal problems?

by User avatar clevey62265930

albuterol's not working

Hi, has anyone have some experience with albuterol? I have asthma and problems with breathing for the long time. Those difficulties have been increased recently. So, I had to visit my doctor. He gave albuterol as a therapy. But nothing has change. I still feel difficulty breathing. Can you tell me...

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re hay fever9

i am a woman aged 44 and i am suffering from hay fever to the point that i have a persistent allergy cough which is making my breakthing a bit shallow. i have been prescribed singular with ventolin inhaler. i also take 125mcg ofthyroxine daily. will the medicines interfere with my thyroxine? thank...

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the side effect for a 11months old baby taking singular medicine

what is the side effect for a 11months old baby taking singular medicine. baby have ear singular causing ear infection? Thanks Ernie

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Could long term use of inhalers cause laryinx problems?

I think that my son is developing hoarse voice. Also I think that it is happening because of his asthma therapy. I am getting worried every day more, because I am not sure if this is occasional or permanent manifestation. What do you think about this matter? Could long term use of inhalers cause...

by User avatar juliane40138

What is Ipratropium Bromide?

My daughter has asthma and her condition worries me because the attacks she has to endure are very hard, and I just cannot watch her like that. Last time we went to a doctor, he recommended us to include Ipratropium Bromide in the therapy. She has not used it until now and I would like to know what...

by User avatar vallie31761

Xopenex for obstructive airway disease?

Hi, my friend is 32 years old and he is suffering from obstructive airway disease. He is looking for some medication which may brought him relief so I was wondering if it may be Xopenex as I know few my friends who are very satisfied with it. I would like to hear some opinions from people who use...

by User avatar domenic43147

Have I become reliant on a Ventolin Sulbatmol sulphate inhaler?

For ten years I have been living with asthma. I am still concerned because of the symptoms. Three years ago I had status asthmaticus and it was dramatic. I fought for the air over 12 hours, it was so awful. I use Ventolin Salbutamol even sometimes I do not need it. Have I become reliant on that...

by User avatar hedwiga43650

Can I get a ventolin inhaler without going to the doctor?

My son has been suffering from asthma for a long time now. He is feeling fine, but only because it is summer. Asthma attacks happen rarely in warm weather, but in winter, when viruses start attacking, he gets sick easily, and has to use his medication, ventolin. Since the package is almost gone, I...

by User avatar loleta41306

I presume Ventolin is readily available but is the Flixotide available?

Me and my family are moving in Asia and need some information about availability of drugs there. My daughter is suffering from asthma and she must use Ventolin and Flixotide. I presume Ventolin is readily available but is the Flixotide available? I need to know those things because of her treatment.

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