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Is Pirbuterol good to treat wheezing, shortness of breath, and troubled breathing?

Answered by a doctor

My sister has viral infections that happen often and they always compolicate with bacterial infection, which lead to bronchitis. Lately, she had several asthmatic attacks and worried us all. Attack itself was really frightening so we took her to the doctor where she was prescribed with pirbuterol....

by User avatar cindie40950

does advair hinder weight loss

Hello. I'm 28 year old female and I'm pretty worried for my daughter’s health. She is only 4 and just recently- she was diagnosed with chronic bronchitis. On time she could suffocate and her life was in threat. So, doctor prescribed her some drug called Advair. He told us that it will not cure...

by User avatar Guest

problems with advair

I had asthma attack and my doctor prescribed with Advair. This asthma attack happened week ago. Everything was all right, but today I am feeling my tongue burning (it is also swollen I think) and inner parts of lips are covered with little white bumps, they do not hurt however, but are very...

by User avatar tumolo2007

Advair causing hoarseness

Hi, I used Advair for two weeks, because I had asthma attacks. Anyway, I am now hoarse, and I can’t speak without coughing. Is it possible that Advair causes hoarseness?

by User avatar Guest

Afraid to begin Advair

Hi, I have asthma attacks for a long time, and I used some oral medications. However, they don’t seam to have effect on me any more, so a health provider recommended me Advair. I heard that it is good, but I’m afraid to use it because I heard just the bad things about steroids. What are the...

by User avatar sallade2034

Is Albuterol associated with heart attacks

I would like to know if albuterol causes heart attacks???

by User avatar Guest

Albuterol side effects

Hi, I’ve been using Albuterol for 10 days, and I have some strange symptoms like nausea, dry mouth, sweating and insomnia. Could these symptoms be side effects of Albuterol? Should I stop using it?

by User avatar Guest

What is the hcpc code fro Xopenex with HMO insurance?

Hi, I want to ask you something. I am not so skillful in navigation the net. My kid has problem with asthma. Doctor has decided that to give him Xopenex as a treatment solution. I got some formulary yesterday that I need to fill in. I need hcpc code for Xopenex with HMO insurance. As I said I could...

by User avatar halimeda45548

albuterol vs. Xopenex -

are they the same basically (for someone with COPD)?

by User avatar Guest

pulmicort and xopenex together in nebulizer treatment at the same time?

I am so worried about my son. He was diagnosed with asthma and was prescribed with pulmicort and xopenex together in nebulizer treatment at the same time. His doctor gave him some other medications as well. Since, he started with those medications, he become acting differently. I am not sure if this...

by User avatar denny37553