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Anyone on salmeterol(serevent) had side effects from it?

Am I the only one who had side effects from salmeterol? Anyone on salmeterol (serevent) had side effects from it? I cannot stand those headaches, dizziness and muscle cramps. I even complain to my doctor, but she is promising that it will stop in time. At this point, I am on salmeterol for 5 months...

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Singulaire caused wheezing?

Answered by a doctor

I’ve started with singulaire 7 days ago. I had very disturbing breathing difficulties, so switched form flixotide to singulair. I have noticed symptoms like cough and wheezing that never occurred with flixotide. Is wheezing caused by singulaire? If yes, is it temporary or permanent side effect?

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Singular side effects

What are the common side effects of singular and what are its serious side effects? I have to start with montelukast-singular because of worsening of my breathing problems. I’d like to hear more your subjective opinions and experiences with singular. My hay fever sometimes gets that bad that...

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cough nd constant clearing of throat

Answered by a doctor

Halo sir,...i hv got this cough problem for the past 5-6 months back...earlier it felt like something is stuck in the throat...nd when i try to cough nothing came out.....but these days some amount of white thick material comes out sometimes when i cough out....and i constantly keep clearing my...

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cough nd constant clearing of throat

Answered by a doctor

Halo sir, i have got this cough problem for the past 5--6 months back.Earlier it felt like something is stuck in the throat and when i try to cough nothing came out but these days some amount of white thick liquid comes out.In the morning time sumtimes it is thick green in colour. I constantly keep...

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Salmeterol in pregnancy?

I got married recently, and my husband and I are planning to have a baby. Problem is my asthma. I am not sure if I can use Salmeterol in pregnancy. I tried to find my OP, but without success. I do not what to do. Should we try with making baby and if I get pregnant see what to do or not?

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What is the mechanism of action of ipratropium?

I am conducting some research in my newspapers so I need some specific information that requires a little professional knowledge in medicine area. It is my weak side. I could talk for days about politics, sport, history even art, but when it comes to medicine I have some general knowledge but that...

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side effect of salmeterol?

My father was diagnosed with adult acquired asthma and was put on Salmeterol. There was no family history of this disease among my relatives and I never before had to ask questions about it. I want to know more about side effect of Salmeterol. What should I expect and how to act if side effects...

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clenbuterol effects

What are Clenbuterol effects? I know that bodybuilders use clenbuterol for two reasons: to increase metabolic speed and to increase strength and endurance of muscles. Also I want to know what proper dose is. Can anyone help me with this?

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