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Comments and reviews on article "The best possible diet plans for patients with Celiac Disease"

Answered by a doctor

Users comments and reviews on article The best possible diet plans for patients with Celiac Disease by SirGan

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Yeast-free Diet

Answered by a doctor

I am starting with yeast free diet. I have two questions. 1. I am already on GFCF (Gluten Free Casein Free) diet, so what changes are necessary? 2. Why is honey good to eat on a yeast free diet?

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Gluten Free Diet

Answered by a doctor

As a result of coeliac disease I have to switch to gluten - free diet. I’m not sure how to do that, I have no idea which food, apart from wheat, to ignore. My nutritionist will make me a complete list of “food to avoid”, but I also need some tips on what to eat. Any suggestions for my gluten...

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dangers of Celiac Disease during pregnancy

We have been trying for a baby, and now i have been diagnosed with Celiac disease, what dangers are there for me or my baby? thats if i get pregnant

by User avatar nas

Should I do oral glucose tolerance test?

Hello, I am 29 years old and I am in my sixth month of pregnancy. I have to say that I am so happy that everything is going well. Still, I have been told about the possibility of the disturbed sugar level in the blood and that it is checked with a oral glucose tolerance test. Should I do that test,...

by User avatar jannelle74974092

problem with glutamine intolerance

After many years I had health problems, I realized I need a doctor. In that time, I started to find there was a connection between food and my stomach sickness. I got diagnosis of irritable bowel syndrome, which was connected to glutamine intolerance. My doctor said how IBS could be induced with...

by User avatar tamiko538

gulten intolerenced person

About 12 months ago, I visited my doctor, because of constant stomach problem. According to all symptoms that I have reported, my doctor said he doubt I suffer of gluten intolerance. He did Iga + Igg gluten test about six to seven weeks after I was given up gluten. It turns as he was right and I...

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coeliac and oats

Good evening, good people. My kid has been recently diagnosed with coeliac disease and I still have some uncertainties considering this disease. I know he should be on gluten free diet. I just want to ask if he is allowed to eat oats. What do you think? Can anyone help me?

by User avatar darleen193148805

symptoms of celiac disease?

What are the symptoms of celiac disease? I've been constipated for today and I recently have been finding mucus in my stool, and if it wasn't mucus, then it was some sort of sticky-like material, which I automatically assume as mucus.

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My kid is allergic to gluten

Hello, folks. My kid was found that he was allergic to gluten. His pediatrician says he cannot eat all the food and that he will have to be on a special diet. I would like to know something more about this disease and what I can expect. I would really appreciate all your help. Thanks, guys!

by User avatar caleb41943