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Tell me can gluten be absorbed through the skin?

Hello, I have been living with celiac disease my entire life and even though it is not an easy condition I am not giving up and I have managed to maintain the high quality of life. Anyway, there are many products containing gluten I would like to try (shampoos for example) that are containing gluten...

by User avatar lynnet42572

Any useful gluten-free cookbook?

Can you tell me if you know of any useful gluten free cookbooks? That is all I can think of now that our kid has been diagnosed with celiac disease. I am just so worried that he will not be able to adjust to the new way of life, diets especially…

by User avatar romeo81175957

can cealic disaese affect the colon as well as the small intestine ?

can cealic disease affect the colon as well as the small intestine

by User avatar designer3669852

Poor eysight problems - can't read labels accurately

Hi, I wanted to sign up on behalf of my man who has a lot of food allergies and myself who has poor eyesight. The reason I'm writing in here is that I usually do the shopping for our household but I have poor eyesight and have trouble reading many food labels and have more than once forgotten my...

by User avatar mclisabp72594

Blast N' Drain

where can I get Blast N' Drain from?

by User avatar Guest

How to get rid of gluten withdrawal symptoms

Hi all, Yesterday I started my gluten free rest-of-the-life diet. And what do you know? I now feel awful. Got stomach cramps, severe headache, and I'm constantly hungry no matter what I eat! I thought it would be unpleasant but this is too much. Are these normal symptoms when someone trying to quit...

by User avatar Betty

Mum has Celiac's, will I have it?

Hi, my Mum has Celiac's Disease. Is it likely that I will have it? Also, is it true that Celiac's can slow down your growth?

by User avatar Guest

celiac disease and vitamin d levels

i got tested for celiac last weekend and am still awaiting the results. however, i got some other tests back in the mean time. my thyroid is okay (suspecting hyperthyroidism i think because i am very thin) and nothing up with my liver panel. my vitamin d/25 hydroxy value came back as 22. could this...

by User avatar shinensunflower103300

How can I tell if I have gluten intolerance?

Hi! I’m 17 years old girl. One of my really good friends has gluten intolerance. I didn’t know what it is and my father explained to me. But still I don’t know what the most common signs of it are. Please, can somebody explain to me how can I tell if I have gluten intolerance?

by User avatar cassandry95655527

What causes gluten intolerance?

Hi! I think that maybe I have gluten intolerance. I have all common signs of it. I didn’t go to check yet but I’m planning to go to doctor as soon as I can. Until then I want to inform myself about gluten intolerance. Does anybody can tell me what causes gluten intolerance?

by User avatar annetta44217