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Wheat Intolerance or Celiac disease?

Can anyone tell me the differences between Wheat Intolerance and Celiac disease?I can't tell which I've got, when I eat something with wheat feel like I've eaten a brick sometimes after hour or two I'll gas and feel horrible/nauseous/Itchy skin or sometimes the very rare diarrhea (I get...

by User avatar Guest

Allergies in infants-mucous & bloodsh in stool

I saw in the news not to long ago that "good news for nursing mothers" you can eat some of the foods your infant is allergic or sensitive to. My experience tells me to opposite even trace amounts bother my girls. My current diet includes: water, rice, pork, beef, banana, apple, pear, grapes, beans (...

by User avatar BabieswithAllergies238162

I am allergic to aloe vera--does that mean I should avoid agave as well?

Answered by a doctor

I have a severe allergic reaction to aloe vera--with the redness and swelling described by others. Agave is related to aloe vera, and is being used a natural sweetener. I have been eating small amounts in bars, and haven't noticed any specific "allergic" reaction. However, I just...

by User avatar lizh123183104

Does gluten withdrawal exist?

Hello, guys. I have a dilemma and hope you can resolve it for me. I was diagnosed with celiac some time ago and have been forced to change my eating habit. You know, gluten-free food etc. Since then, I experience some flu-like symptoms, have swollen glands and a lot of fatigue. Besides that, I also...

by User avatar Sandra

how much water should i drink ?

Answered by a doctor

amount of water that we should consume in our everyday life depends on our weight or our work done ? daily amount of water calculator shows that i should drink 5 glasses or 8 ounces of water per day. it calculates based on my weight. but what confused me was, if i drank 5 glasses of water per day,...

by User avatar aimisafrudin141708

Living with gluten intolerance

I wish to know something on the subject of living with gluten intolerance. My friend's brother is suffering from celiac disease, don't really know what that means but I do know that he is on a strict diet regime in order to keep this illness at bay. I don't want to ask her about him, so I hoped you...

by User avatar caroljean26359

Histamine intolerance and Zyrtec treatment

Hello, I’ve been suffering from what seemed to be allergic reaction to almost any food, drink and even medication they gave me to relieve the symptoms. I’ve had several IgE blood tests to see if I’m allergic to almost 50 food and non-food substances, but the tests came negative. Even the stool...

by User avatar Mike

any cure for celiac disease?

Hi, I am a mother of a teenage boy who has just been diagnosed with a celiac disease. We have informed ourselves well about what he can and cannot eat and hopefully, he will start to feel better soon. The problem is in the cure. Is there any definite cure for celiac disease? I have heard there...

by User avatar margalo34771682

Gluten Free a must

I'm interested in the Blast N' Drain- BUT I first need to know if the product is gluten free--not just all natural--but completely gluten free.. Can you guarantee that it is gluten free? I really need to lose weight but must avoid any ingredient that has gluten..

by User avatar BClem

Can people with celiac disease eat pizza?

Can you help me with my problem? Actually it is my teenage daughter problem, but I just can’t stop thinking about it. After almost two weeks of blood test and examinations, she has been diagnosed with celiac disease and form that moment on, her life changed for good. Is it possible that she...

by User avatar ainsley155879036