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Celiac is so hard to cope

Hello. I am a guy 21 years old and I have been diagnosed a few days ago with the celiac disease. I didn't know first what it was since everything hurt. I've lost ten kilograms, and I didn't know how I did it. I have problems with my stomach, and I was bloated, and cramped. Man, this celiac is so...

by User avatar theodoric31871

Just Diagnosed with Celiac Disease

My partner has just been diagnosed with celiac disease. Doctor suspected before so he ordered a blood test. Results showed he has a high level of antibodies to gluten and to certain other proteins in the intestinal lining. He did biopsy also, results are tomorrow, but blood test is almost sure sign...

by User avatar fernicola1317

is lexapro ok for celiacs

Answered by a doctor

Hello. I'm 45 year old female and few years back I have lost my only son in one car accident. I was shattered! In a same time I started to suffer from terrible pains in abdomen. You will not believe- but, later my doctor told me that the emotional stress I lived through in this period was a...

by User avatar albano2336

Celiac Disease and Hypoglicemia

Hi. I was reading something about celiac disease and hypoglycemia. My brother was diagnosed with celiac disease. He said he also has low blood sugar. I think I may have celiac disease or low blood sugar too. What are symptoms of celiac disease and hypoglycemia?

by User avatar Guest

gluten intolerance

Does alfalfa contain gluten? I have gluten intolerance and I'm very sensitive even when a product containg gluten is used on the skin. I have a horse and noticed after feeding I seem to have a gluten breakout.

by User avatar katie

How to deal with gluten intolerance?

Hi! Recently I met a really nice girl. She told me that she has celiac disease. I didn’t know anything about it. She explained me what is it. As I understand it’s something pretty much serious. Can somebody tell me is there a cure for celiac disease? And how to deal with gluten...

by User avatar byron156953118

How can I test to see if I’m allergic to gluten?

Hi! Please, somebody tell me how can I test to see if I’m allergic to gluten? I heard a lot of things about celiac disease and gluten allergy. I’m not sure that I understood difference between them. If I’m allergic to gluten, is that mean that I have celiac disease? Thanks!

by User avatar maxwell36221

Is gluten intolerance a common disease?

Hi! Yesterday I read an article in one magazine about gluten intolerance. I was surprise. I didn’t know that it can be so serious. I have a little baby. She is two month old and now I’m afraid that maybe she can have this disease. Is gluten intolerance a common disease?

by User avatar deeanne49624

How to minimaze and eliminate symptoms of gluten intolerance?

Hi! I’ve just heard that my little nephew has celiac disease (or gluten intolerance). His parents are desperate. I know that it can be very hard to live with this disease. Please, can somebody with experience tell me how to minimaze and eliminate symptoms of gluten intolerance? What is the...

by User avatar morton114153123


I was off of gluten for few months. I was tested by an allergist for celiac, and they came back negative. After I found out you have to really be eating it for it to be accurate. I have been to numerous doctors. Last one, who found nothing but a positive ANA test and didn't test for celiac, said my...

by User avatar Guest