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list of medications that contain gluten

I have coeliac disease or dermatitis herpetiformis. I am also diabetic, have high blood pressure and hypothyroid so I have to take medication for these conditions but I am worried that the medications I am taking contain gluten and would like to find a site that list all medications that contain...

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How can I know is my baby allergic to gluten?

Hi, I really need some help. My baby is 8 months old and we have started with giving her food other than milk and it seems like she is not taking it well. Some friends of mine told me that there is possibility she has some food allergies and that there is also a risk of the celiac disease. How can I...

by User avatar luella46195

Celiac disease and disorders of the nervous system?

My son has been diagnosed with a celiac disease and he is only 17 years old. What should we do now? Will that diet really help him? We have heard that there is a possibility he will develop some nervous system disorders. Is that true? Is it possible that he will have to endure this condition for the...

by User avatar celie136980140

What can happen if you left untreated celiac disease?

Hi, I am a mother of a stubborn teenage kid who is in a big problem now. He has been diagnosed with a celiac disease and he should already be on a strict diet, but I just cannot convince him that he cannot eat everything now and that he will have to take care about that for the rest of his life....

by User avatar verine6653430

distended abdomen

I read an article on non-celiac gluten intolerance and the article stated that celiac disease is only a small part of the larger picture that is gluten intolerance. My daughter has never really shown the classic symptoms of celiac, illness, weight loss, distended abdomen, etc, but she did have...

by User avatar stoney2688

questions about stress

i was wanting to know if there was someone out there that could have had the same similar problems as heres whats going quite often i have been having sharp pains on my left breast that continue down my arm.sometimes my arm goes numb..its a pain that will make tears come to your...

by User avatar momof3kids39236

Have you heard of Celiac disease

This the first time I have been on this web site but did you know that celiac disease can cause alot of problems and therefore many are mis diagnosed, trying to find a cure when really it is a new way of eating. I am not a professional but being diagnosed lately with celiac and reading the...

by User avatar bea Burt

Gluten and RLS

Has anyone here tried to relive RLS with gluten fee diet? I can be up hours in the night with the constant urge to move my legs. I’ve heard that gluten free diet works. I wanted to her from someone who trued it.

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Are Celiac Disease and Dental Problems Related?

Are Celiac Disease and Dental Problems Related? My father, who is 57 years old, has been diagnosed with Celiac Disease almost 3 months ago. He has been feeling some abdominal pain and fatigue combined with really pale stool. After the examination doctor concluded that he is suffering from Celiac...

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Celiac Disease

My son is two years old. He has celiac disease. This disease is very difficult for me. He can’t use any product with wheat. What kind of disease is? Why he can’t eat some grain food?

by User avatar denson306