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Side Effect of Steroid Neck Injections? I started losing hair since I had them

I have had two steroid injections for my neck in the middle of my upper shoulder and am scheduled for my third injection; however, in the last month, i have noticed that my hair is thinning as I am lossing some hair when I wash it. It that one of the side effects?

by User avatar Marie

Had a steroid injection into an IV at a hospital and now I am antsy and have headache

Anyone had side effects like this?

by User avatar Guest

How much do cortisone injections cost?

Answered by a doctor

Since I have been fighting with osteoarthritis for a long time, I have used several different medications, starting with non steroidal anti inflammatory meds. My doctor recommended me to use cortisone injections. I have to say that with the first shot I have felt pain going away, but since my health...

by User avatar Guest

symptoms of predisone withdrawl

Answered by a doctor

I know that Prednisone, a corticosteroid, similar to a natural hormone produced by adrenal glands. I had chance to find out it is often used to replace this chemical when body does not make enough of it. My doctor used it to relieve inflammation, or problems I had with swelling, heat, redness, and...

by User avatar Guest

Cortisone Knee Injection

Answered by a doctor

I got a cortisone injection on Thursday 3/7/13 let me say BIGGEST MISTAKE OF MY LIFE....for an ACL injury.. Well now I am having problems and my ortho is not listening to me... I can't walk my knee is more swollen and I can feel fluid swishing around srry only word I can use to describe it , my foot...

by User avatar Steveswofey2007285099

vaginal bleeding after cortisone shots in both knees

Answered by a doctor

I too have this problem 3 weeks after the shots in both knees. I'm so upset now as the bleeding won't stop. What can I do to let it stop. I will never take those shots again. I rather stay with the pain and have some relieve with paracetamol.

by User avatar Els

Ever since i had a cortisone shot in the shoulder I have been feeling constantly hungry

Ever since i had a cortisone shot in the shouder two weeks ago I have been feeling constantly hungry, no matter what I eat. I even feel hungry immediately after eating. Also, i am constantly lethargic.

by User avatar Hesperidean

Cortisone Injection in hip area and after a while I felt lightheaded, dizzy and confused

Answered by a doctor

I got an injection in my hip area 5 hours ago.... In the way home, I began to get light headed, dizzy and confused, I didn't even have a chance to pull over. I woke up with my have in my steering wheel seating profusely.... Terrible experience 

by User avatar Jason

What to do about weight gain from hydrocortisone

Answered by a doctor

Hi,  i am 50 years old and have been taking hydrocortisone for Addison's. I gained about 15 to 20 pounded. I really need to get the weight off. I also have RA and the extra weight is really hard on my joints.  I also eat healthy but I still don't know what to do.  Does anyone...

by User avatar Guest

cortisone shot hitting the nerve-pain ever since

Answered by a doctor

I received a cortisone shot on July 25,2007 because I was having pain from a herniated disc. I went home right after the shot and went to bed. It was painful. The next day I could not walk. My doctor said the injection hit my nerve. The left buttocks that I received the injection in was three times...

by User avatar general47