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After lower facelift/neck lift, still numb after 10 months

Answered by a doctor

Hi, I'm still numb after 10 months...and tight of course. Is anyone still tight and numb? I'm afraid I might have nerve damage... B

by User avatar bhurwick

I want to have a brow lift

Hi. I want to have a brow lift. I am 55 years old male. I am in good health. I would like to hear from somebody with experience more about it. Like, who is the best candidate for brow lifts? What are risks of brow lifts? Where is it performed? How long will it take for me to recover?

by User avatar rivalee597

rhinoplasty still swollen so very much after 1 week

Answered by a doctor

I just had a rhinoplasty 1 week ago just to correct the bump on my nose, nothing else was touched. I look like a lion with a hugh bridge and big heavy tip. I keep reading most swelling goes down within a week. My needs to go down another 75% to look normal. Can someone share their experience...

by User avatar galcee76638

Breast Surgery with Dr. Mascardo

Hello everyone, My name is Chey and I am from Toronto, Ontario and I am going to have a consultation with Dr. Mascardo this month. I would like to know anybodys opinion:? Has anyone had Breast surgery or any other type of surgery done by her :?: what were the end results like :?: I would...

by User avatar Guest

Dr. Andrew Jacono

Can anyone give me feedback on Dr. Andrew Jacono in New York? I am going for a consultation in June. Any information is appreciated. Thank you

by User avatar lolamzimm5031


Answered by a doctor

I had my first implants two years ago, and a month or two after began developing hives and swellings all over my body. And then after six months they disappeared. After two more one of my first implants ruptured, and I had to get them replaced. Again, a month after the surgery, the swellings came...

by User avatar dix886

Coronal brow lift 6 weeks post op and now I'm bald on top and sides. When and will it get better?

I am 6 weeks post op. I had neck lift and he talked me into brow lift, stating my lower face would look younger than my upper face. Morning of surgery we review and he says he can make the brow incisions in my hairline to prevent visible scars in front. I did not understand I would wake up with over...

by User avatar PrivateJana

Dealing with swellings and hematomas after facelift

Answered by a doctor

My surgery was May 3rd. I developed several hematomas and have had them drained three times. The swelling is still very noticable. I am on medication, however, it just doesn't seem to be working. I've been using a heating pad carefully for several days and doing facial massages being careful not to...

by User avatar KarenNMexico

Dr. Thomas Loeb?

I am considering having a rhinoplasty with Dr. Thomas Loeb in NYC. He didn't suggest major changes: basically, my nose needs to be lowered, thinned a bit, and the tip refined (I have somewhat of a bulbous tip). I don't have a bump or anything, but I have always felt my nose was a bit big and with...

by User avatar jc22237215

Recovery treatment for blepharoplasty!

Answered by a doctor

Hi. I'm 34 year old male and I have some questions to pose. Even though I'm only 34 I look much older. This is probably caused by puffy bags under my eyes and expressed droopy eyelids. I don’t know what could I do about this. I'm living with this over that five years and now, I'm very determine...

by User avatar Guest