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Rhinoplasty South Africa: Dr Pieter Swanepoel

Answered by a doctor

I am considering getting a Rhinoplasty done by Dr Pieter Swanepoel in Pretoria, South Africa. However I am unable to find any kind of reviews about other peoples expereince or his reputation on the internet. I would love to find out more . . respond if you have any had any experience with Dr...

by User avatar sweetdreamer

cheek liposuction vs. buccal fat removal

Hello. I'm 45 year old female and I would like to get some information about some aspects of face reconstruction. You see, for always I have controlled my weight and never had a pound of extra weight. So, I was pretty satisfied with the way I look. But I wish I could say this now. Years did what...

by User avatar Guest

Anyone had Labiaplasty?

Answered by a doctor

Hi. I have large labia and it hurts every time I have sex. I made up my mind. I want to have labiaplasty. Before I do, I would like to hear more about this surgery. Who is the best candidate for labiaplasty? How long does it take to recover? Anyone had labiaplasty?

by User avatar Guest

After lower facelift/neck lift, still numb after 10 months

Answered by a doctor

Hi, I'm still numb after 10 months...and tight of course. Is anyone still tight and numb? I'm afraid I might have nerve damage... B

by User avatar bhurwick

Swelling 16 months after tummy tuck

Answered by a doctor

I am 16 months post op from full tummy tuck, muscle repair, lipo, and breast reduction. I am swollen on the upper part of my abdomen. I look pregnant just carrying very high. My ps told my mom immediately following my 8 hour surgery that the lipo wasn't getting the results he wanted so he had to...

by User avatar stillswollen57117


Answered by a doctor

I had my first implants two years ago, and a month or two after began developing hives and swellings all over my body. And then after six months they disappeared. After two more one of my first implants ruptured, and I had to get them replaced. Again, a month after the surgery, the swellings came...

by User avatar dix886

Feeling of little electric shocks in my neck and cheek area after face and neck lift

Has anyone experienced the feeling of little electric shocks in their neck or cheek areas after their face/neck lift.  I am 3 weeks and 2 days in recovery andI am experiencing this strange feeling.  I read somewhere that this could be the feeling of tiny nerve endings reconnecting. ...

by User avatar Gloria

facelift recovery

Answered by a doctor

I know it sucks, but that is well known if someone’s got problem, would like to hear how someone else deal with the same. Mine problem is swelling that is really hard in the jowl area. I have noticed this side effect, beside some more after I had face lift recovery. I would like to know if there...

by User avatar Guest

Problems with recovery after face lift

Answered by a doctor

I had a face lift 2 weeks ago and I'm very worried because I have a lot of swelling araound the ears and jowl area and my face looks distorted. So distorted that I'm ashamed to go into work because i'm scared people will notice (I don't want anyone to know at work). Also, I'm having problems eating...

by User avatar Guest

Deformed buttock due to injury - plastic surgery?

Answered by a doctor

Last August I slipped and fell on stairs - landed really hard on my right buttock. A huge hematoma/swelling developed and my doctor told me that it would break up by itself but that I would probably have a small bump from scar tissue. He told me to be patient and it should go away in a couple of...

by User avatar geckogecko