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How can I keep shy nipples erect?

I have shy nipples: nipples that only become erect when stimulated or cold. The rest of the time they are inverted. Is there any way (other than surgery) to keep them erect? Or will they always be like this?

by User avatar Guest

Is Bare Minerals talc free?

Hello everyone, I am new to these forums and I have a question I hope you can help me with. I have had a lot of bad reactions to cosmetics in the past and eventually found out that talc was causing the issues I had. I am now trying to avoid makeup that contains talc, whether it's in eye shadow,...

by User avatar Melinthewoods

Irritated throat and lip gloss

Has anyone experienced irritation to the throat after applying lip gloss?

by User avatar Guest

Can you color your hair if you use Rogaine?

Hello everyone I came here looking for information about Rogaine. Is there anyone here use uses Rogaine for female hair loss?  I read online that you are not meant to color your hair if you use Rogaine, because Minoxidil interactions with the hair dye and causes side effects. I read...

by User avatar Biddy

Has anyone tried Angel Lift for plumping out the mouth?

Answered by a doctor

Hi everyone! My lips aren't unusually think but they are not very impressive either. I would like to have bigger, plumper lips but in a safe way that guarantees good results. I have heard very nice things about Angel Lift Lip Enhancement. Lips like Angelina Jolie? Yes, I want them!!! Before...

by User avatar Guest

Rhinoplasty Scar Tissue Healing. New proven solution for removing scar tissue without surgery

Answered by a doctor

For anyone reading this who has excessive scar tissue after a rhinoplasty, DO NOT get a revision until you read this. I am a female who had a terrible build up of scar tissue in the tip of my nose after a rhinoplasty several years ago, creating a ski slope affect to my profile. It left me more self...

by User avatar anonymous2017355370

skin allergy to tempurpedic

Answered by a doctor

Hello! My new tempurpedic bed was delivered to me about 8 days ago, and two nights after sleeping on it I have developed a skin allergy. There are red spots on my neck and they itch like crazy. The following night I spent in the other room on my old bed, and the allergy subsided a little bit. Then...

by User avatar Guest

Has anyone tried the PaloVia skin renewing laser?

Being 39, I have some crow's feet around my eyes. I came across an ad for the PaloVia skin renewing laser a while back, and it was an ad I was actually interested in for a change. I understand that the PaloVia laser penetrates the deeper layers of the skin, unlike anti-aging creams,...

by User avatar Guest

Airol cream caused white spots on my face. What can I do about it?

Hello :) So one day i got a pimple on my forehead and i put Airol 0.05% cream for two nights so i can get rid of the pimple. The people dissapeared in 2-3 days but i got a white mark on my forehead that didnt go away ever.. Two days ago , i decided to start Airol treatment for its...

by User avatar Stavroula

b12 dosage by Dr. Bernstein

Answered by a doctor

Can somebody please clarify in simple terms the dosage of B12 injections used by Dr. Bernstien? He also gives in the fat as opposed to the muscle, why?

by User avatar dwayner