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wrinkle cream

Hi, I am using a wrinkle cream but I am not really satisfied with it’s results. Are these too expensive creams really so good to be worth the money?

by User avatar berthelsen1413

my face get swollen beacuse of using pro-active and i dont know what to do

Answered by a doctor

anyone can help me im feel so ugly .. Im only 17 and i start using pro active yesterday 03-21-11 in the evening (8:00pm) its my first time .. then i wake up like i thought this is the product that can cure my acne bec.i think that its working so i just continue using it ..but sad to say when i wake...

by User avatar rezie

How much do the laser treatments cost?

Hi............, The cost of treatments is determined by the type of problem that you have, the amount of problem you have, and of course the need for more than one laser. In most instances, when purchased as a package, we can get your price down to less than $100 per session. When compared to other...

by User avatar harveyrose102291

Bags Above My Eyes

Hi, lately I have bags above my eyes when I wake up in the morning. I thought it was because of not getting enough sleep, but it shouldn’t be the case since I sleep 8 hours regularly.

by User avatar Guest

Using alcohol for skin care, yes or no?

Hi. My best friend has the most beautiful skin I've ever seen. Her face is so perfect, without spots, pimples or wrinkles. Since the high school days, all she uses is 70% alcohol. She soaks cotton ball in it and then she rubs her face. I know 100% that she doesn't lie and that she doesn't use...

by User avatar Guest

Dark circles under eyes

I have been bothered by dark circles under my eyes for a long time. They are not puffy. I have thin skin under my eyes and the blood lies very close under them. I have been stressed out for a while due to some family issues but that wouldn't affect it. I use a concealer but it quickly fades. These...

by User avatar bbfeet964662


Hello. I'm 24 year old female and I think I have developed some serious skin problem. You see, I have never seen anything like this. About two weeks ago I have developed some skin problem and I believe it was related to sun exposure. When I came back from the beach, on some areas on my body such...

by User avatar Guest