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mederma side effects

Answered by a doctor

I am using mederma as recommended by pharmacist for the scar I have on the thigh. I have experience some itching, so I was wondering if that is because I am allergic to the cream or why?

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Hyaluronic acid - mix with oil serum or layer ?

I got a hyaluronic acid serum, but I'm also using an oil based vitamin C + other stuff serum. I have experimented with applying the HA serum a few times now and it strikes me that it absorbs so quickly that I don't notice much hydration. I'm now left wondering if it would be bad in any way to mix...

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Cosmetic products helped my skin after being exposed to a hot sun for 2 straight hours

I was a sitting duck after 2 beers and the hot sun at the county fair. The exhibit was hawking the Avologi LED tool and using Dermalectives to show how the tool enhanced the benefits of the skin care. Quite frankly, the LED did help. However, the person "threw in" enough sealed in package,...

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Using proactive and my face started to swell and look abnormal. I have a derma visit next week

My face started to swell and look abnormal so I decided to Google to see if it's just me and here I am. Itsa good thing I have a dermatologist visit next week cause in the trash its gonna go

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Philips Reaura Vs Palovia

Hi everyone I'm in the market for an at home laser device to work on my fine lines and deeper wrinkles. I had been eyeing the Palovia for a while, and then found out that Philips would be selling a similar device in the form of the Reaura. I am now confused. I know I want one of these — but...

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Is it possible that Retin a makes my under eye wrinkles even worse?

Answered by a doctor

Hello, I started on Reti a last week and now I am panicking a bit so I am hoping for some help. I am following the instructions staying out of the sun, using an SPF when I go out even though it isn't even sunny right now, I'm moisturizing my face, but my face looks worse than it did before the Retin...

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Answered by a doctor

ok so last night i used proactive and this morning i woke up with redness all over my face and swelling in my eyes?!! i have used this product before and nothing like this has ever happend! HOW DO I REDUCE THE REDNESS AND ITCHYNESS IN MY FACE AND EYES!? ANYONE KNOW???

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Hydrogel butt injections in Texas

Answered by a doctor

Live in Fort Worth Texas wanna get Hydrogel butt injections asap

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Dermalactives facial peel reviews, anyone???

Answered by a doctor

I have been looking at the Dermalactives Purifying Facial Peel. The description is more than appealing: beneath your old, ugly, dead skin lies a pretty youthful skin just waiting to come out, essentially. I have wrinkles, clogged pores, and hyperpigmentation and this peel is said to be...

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retin-a side effect facial hair

Answered by a doctor

Hi! Is there anybody who had used retin-A for acne. I have been on it for three months and I have noticed excessive facial hair growth. I am really worried, being a female that I would be stuck with hairy face and would have to worry about annoying process of getting it waxed or undergo those...

by User avatar kottwitz2225