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body smells

im 30 yrs old and i dont know why my body smells so bad . i shower twice or even three times a day . i have seen people make gestures toward concerning my smell . i also use phisohex at least once a day but the problem is still has not gone away . im so tired and confused about my body .

by User avatar justme

Latex & Memory Foam Insoles in Shoes & Slippers - Has Crippled Me

Answered by a doctor

I didn't go for a memory foam mattress or topper because I live in the desert and I don't need more heat when sleeping.  However, my feet and ankles began to react to Crocks after just one month of wear. Crocks refused to tell me what type of foam was used in their shoes and they claimed it was...

by User avatar babyboomer1001303660

Does DermalMD help to get rid of ACNE SCARS?

Answered by a doctor

Hi! I have bad acne scars (deep and visible even with makeup) from years of acne and I am desperately looking for something that can help me get rid of my scars.  DermalMD makes good promises and many people on the internet say that it works well, but I am honestly not sure how much...

by User avatar Guest

Can vitamin C serum cause pimples?

Hoping you guys can help me out! I've just noticed the appearance of a series of small pimples that almost look like hives, spread out fairly evenly all over my face, unfortunately. Knowing these pimples are unusual for me, I've been thinking about what could be causing them and then it dawned on...

by User avatar Lioness350837

Hyperpigmentation with Tria age-defying laser?

I have used Palovia in the past, and it works pretty well for diminishing wrinkles and building collagen.  However, it did seem to cause some hyperpigmentation.  Has anyone noticed hyperpigmentation with the Tria Age-Defying Laser? 

by User avatar Guest

Neck and Face Lift - Pain Treatment settings for Erchonia cold laser

I had a face and neck lift 1 year and 3 months ago. I have incisions around my ears and under my chin. It still feels like there is a rope around my neck. The sides of my face feel like they are pulling and get very hot. I read that Erchonia cold laser had worked for some people. I found a local...

by User avatar Guest

opinions about 6 week body makeover michael thurmond

Answered by a doctor

I have heard lately that 6-week makeover Michael Thurmond actually works. That is why I want to hear opinions about this product. I have been trying many diet products, but nothing helped me. I would like to stop wasting my money to something that can even harm my body. Can you tell me opinions of...

by User avatar Guest

hydro-gel injections in Houston Texas ?

I am seeking reputable hydrogel injections in Houston and surrounding areas.

by User avatar jazzngumbo336703

How many times a day should you wash your new tattoo and how often apply ointment?

I just get out from a Tattoo Salon and I have this new, amazing ornament tattoo with a meaning. It is on my back and I just can't want to get home, to see it in the mirror. I am so happy and excited and I want this tattoo to be fresh forever lol :) even if I do know that this is not possible. But,...

by User avatar Guest

Botox Injections Can Cause Serious Health Problems

Answered by a doctor

Recent research confirmed that 16 people died from Botox and similar injection drugs and 4 of them were children. Death occurred when drug spread into the vital organs. Botox is a neurotoxin that has ability to relax muscles and patients should be aware that by using this injections they are at...

by User avatar lucky29