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botox and hearing loss

Answered by a doctor

I had botox injections yesterday and today woke up with hearing loss in my left ear.

by User avatar insideoutfit89346

Is it ok to use vaseline petroleum jelly for tattoo after care? I get mixed replies

hi people! I am here because I want to hear your opinion about Vaseline petroleum jelly for tattoo after care.  not sure what to think about this, because I have asked so many people about this and guess what - the opinions are mixed, some of my friends told me to use it, while some of...

by User avatar Guest

Tattoo aftercare: What is the best soap for washing a new tattoo?

got this eagle tattoo on my arm and I am pretty satisfied with it. sure, there are some things that I need to do, to fix to be perfect but this tattoo guy told me to wait until he sees how this tattoo will act on my skin. ok. now, I am doing everything about the after care. including the search of...

by User avatar Guest

What are your tattoo aftercare tips?

Good evening. I am planing to get some tattoo. The size of it will be pretty huge, it will cover my whole back, but I wanted to have it always. Sure, first I need to get all the possible tips that I can get, because I am always careful in everything, so I don't see why this wouldn't be a case with a...

by User avatar Guest

Is it ok to use Bepanthen for tattoo after care?

Hey guys, so I am reading about this all products for tattoo after care and there are so many of them, I just don't know which one I can choose without making a mistake. I mean, I think that I can't make a mistake, but I want to know which one you consider as the best. My good friend told me that...

by User avatar Guest

Did anyone use Aquaphor for tattoo aftercare?

hi, so I have three tattoos and they are good, I've done those like 7 years ago. now, I got this new one and I like it. the problem is that I just can't remember which one product I was using as a aftercare for my tattoo. it was pretty long time ago and I don't know have I used any of the products....

by User avatar Guest

What products do you use for tattoo aftercare?

Good day everyone. I am planing to get a tattoo. To be honest, I never liked a tattoos but now, when my son was born, I want to do it, I want to write his name on my skin.  To be honest, I was always scared of the tattoos and I never liked it, but now I want this to remain on my arm like...

by User avatar Guest

Is sudocrem good for new tattoos?

Hello there. My name is Ema and I am 21 years old. I always wanted to get a tattoo, so I finally did it. It is under my breasts and I can say that I am in a small pain. Sure, I still live with my parents and they don't know anything about this tattoo. But, I want to know more about this. I was...

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accutane causing scars

Answered by a doctor

May it happen that accutane is causing scars, for I think those scars I have on my cheeks and my forehead are of accutane use? I had problem with acne and the fact is that accutane has cleaned my skin but my cheeks and forehead have stayed reddish and with scars. So I wonder is accutane causing...

by User avatar fasching1954

Can retin a cream cause skin facial spots or hyperpigmentation

Hi,I have heard a lot of good things about rein a creams and would like to improve the wrinkles on my face, as well as some pigmentation I am suffering from and just to get a more smoother looking skin, basically. This is what retin a is supposed to do for you. But then we you read a bit deeper you...

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