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Magnesium Sulphate Paste: Ointment For Boils/carbuncles

Answered by a doctor

I realized in a mean time, I am not the only one with terrible skin problems. I know there are many people with boils and carbuncles and we all search any way to help us. Each person I was talking to said nothing seems to help heal boils and carbuncles. Anyway, one friend of mine told me there are...

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Do you take hair vitamins?

Hey girls. I'm new here and I have a question about hair vitamins. I started taking Biotin on a daily basis as a preventative measure against hair loss. I also take Viviscal tabs that help my hair grow long faster, but unfortunately not thicker. I take Biosil collagen supplement as well. It stopped...

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Answered by a doctor

Hi, I need some help. I have a mole on my nose I want to have it removed. I'm scared to do surgery and honestly can't afford it. I found this product called Dermatend online, can anyone tell me if this product is real and really work, not a scam? Thank you so much.

by User avatar ryanxk

psoriasis slimfast

I need advice. I have been diagnosed with psoriasis after few attempts of getting rid of the rash. I still didn’t get rid of psoriasis, although I tried I do not know how many creams, antifungal pills etc. I am also eating very healthy food and I am reducing on sugar enormously. Still nothing....

by User avatar lucita440

Is there a good sunblock that won't burn my eyes?

I really want to be a good girl and use sunblock consistently this year. I do spend a lot of time outdoors, you see, and I am aware of the consequences this can have for my skin in the long run. My problem, though? Every sunblock I have tried stings my face, some make it break out, and worse of...

by User avatar Emms

What to do about suspected sebaceous cysts?

Answered by a doctor

I've had these bumps around my armpits for a while now. At first I thought they were "pimples" caused by an infection or something, perhaps related to shaving. But the thing is, unlike pimples, they don't hurt and though they have something "white" inside I don't think it is pus. Plus, it has been a...

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Hearing Loss After Receiving Botox

Answered by a doctor

I suffered sudden hearing loss and tinnitus 2 weeks after receiving Botox in the forehead and eye area. That was 5 months ago. My hearing never returned. I have never had a hearing problem before this. I also am not taking any medications that could have caused this. I don't really need any advice....

by User avatar BEMO

Can you apply Glycolic Acid peel immediately after Salicylic Acid peel

This question speaks for itself. I am preparing to do an at home chemical peel. I am still learning about the process and will not do it until I know what I am doing and also until I have the necessary ingredients. I am looking for skin tightening, pore reduction and skin tone improvement, and I...

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Can kidney transplant patient sto undergo a face lift or receive Botox?

Answered by a doctor

I am wondering if it feasable for a kidney transplant patient to undergo a face lift or receive botox. Thank You.

by User avatar pawandchic

Are there natural ways to darken eyebrows?

Hi, I am blond and blue eyed with barely there eyebrows. Well, the eyebrows themselves are actually quite think - I don't have a lack of hair as such, but they are so light that they are almost invisible. When you look at me from a distance, you'd think I have no brows at all. At the same time,...

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