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Cholesterol Deposits On Eyes?

Answered by a doctor

Hello, I do not really know if these are cholesterol deposits that I have on my eyes (someone told me that)… I am 22 now and about 6 years ago, these little pimples started to occur on my eyes lids. They are very small in size and are hard when touched (for example, I cannot squeeze them). How...

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Biore Charcoal Face Mask, my face started burning after applying it

Hello, Just the other week I decided to give this face mask a shot, I have in the past been sensitive to their other masks.. but I decided to try it anyways. I put on the mask in the shower, and instantly my face started BURNING. No exaggeration, it was horrendous. I quickly washed away the mask,...

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My skin turned red after using mederma gel

After using mederma gel my skin turns into red.......the part where i have put gel is red compare to natural skin

by User avatar Prasant Adhikari

Alternative to waxing on Retin A

Hi, I am 29 years old, female, suffering from a fair bit of acne which I would love to do away with. I have been considering Retin A as a treatment option and have read all about it. I am clear on the need for sun screen and feel that I have looked at the pros and cons enough to know I would like...

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Does anybody know if super botcho cream really works?and where can u buy it from

by User avatar mamadez150032

best sunblock for darker skin to prevent getting more tan

ive come here for some product advice if thats okive got darker skin and really dont need more of a tan than the tone my body already has could you recommend any good sunblock for my darker skin tone to prevent getting more tan pleasehave used a regular type of sunblock just from walmart and...

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Vaseline Petroleum Jelly - are there negatives as a moisturizer?

Hi, I've got very dry skin and have resorted to putting Vaseline on it to keep going through the day quite often. It makes my skin feel nice and hydrated and gets rid of the appearance of flakes. I have considered using Vaseline (or petroleum jelly, whatever you prefer) as a moisturizer as a...

by User avatar Jen82X

clairol metalex

Answered by a doctor

My sister told me she would buy Clairol metalex to change her hair color. I wonder if that is possible, since she said that is not like blanching hair. I want to hear something about this product. Is that much expensive product, since I hear for this for the first time? Is there someone who tried...

by User avatar tedi390

How can Vaseline / petroleum jelly heal your lips?

Help me! When the wind outside is so strong, it literally destroys my lips. They are full of wounds and there is always a blood. It looks ugly and I can't hide it at all. I am trying to hide it with adequate lipstick, but I think that it is always even worse. I see those furrows on my lips and...

by User avatar GeOrGiNe000

What makes petroleum jelly (Vaseline) the perfect lip moisturizer?

Hello there guys. So, I am doing a modeling for three years now. I have learned how to moisturize my hair, my skin... But I think that one thing I will never learn - how to moisturize my lips. Maybe this seems funny, but I still haven't found a good product that can help me with this problem....

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