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How to Get Rid of Chapped Lips with the help of Vaseline (petroleum jelly)?

So, I agree that having a chapped lips is not sexy at all. I know since I have this issue for a long, long time. I have good lips and they are big...maybe because of that they are chapped, I don't know. But I just want to get rid of it for once in my life...I don't care what to do. I was reading...

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What are the main benefits of vaseline lip balm?

So, in my 25 years of living (OK, maybe less, but that is it) I am using a Labelo to protect my lips from rain, dust, wind, sea salt, sun etc. And I would not change it for anything. But I can hear people, I mean, girls, all around me that they are using vaseline lip balm. I mean, lip balm is lip...

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What does vaseline lip therapy mean and how it heals your lips?

I am 17 years old. I started to buy some beauty products to protect my skin. My mom is telling me that I should not buy so many products because I can damage my skin since I am young, that I should wait to get some creams and tonics when I am older. Instead, she told me that I should buy some lip...

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Are there any side effects of using vaseline for your lips?

Last week I bought a vaseline for my lips. My lips are pretty much dry, especially when it is cold outside, so I am trying to find the best protection for it. I hate to see when they look so dry and ugly, it is not sexy and beautiful at all. Anyway, I have never used vaseline for my lips in my...

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What is Petroleum Jelly & What is it Used for?

hi there. I am almost 40 years old and I think that I will never learn some things in my life. a couple of days ago I went with my friends to the mall after Christmas market. to be honest, I enjoyed this Christmas market and drinking punch, but not...they wanted some beauty products to buy....

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Can vaseline lip balm protect and relieve dry and chapped lips?

Good day. OK, the winter is coming so I believe that for my skin this means just one thing - a hell that lasts for a couple of months! I don't know how to stop this, but my lips suffer the most on this occasion. They are so dry and chapped and it hurts. It is not a pleasant thing at all. I am...

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Beauty advice: how safe is the vaseline for lips?

Hello there! Since like forever I am using classic lip balm and I am fine with it so far. But I have heard that a couple of my friends are using a vaseline lip balm like this is way better than labelo or some other product.  I don't know since I was never using it. My skin is OK, but it becomes...

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What is the best vaseline lip balm for your lips?

hello there. I am 13 year old girl and I started to buy some cosmetic for me. of course, I don't do it alone, I do it with my mom. she helps me a lot. so, we bought some creams, I bought a lip balm because now I am going to a city mall, and I also wanted to buy some balm. my friends are using a lip...

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well my boobs are small and i want to make them bigger but i can use any piles or anything like that and i dont want to get surgery so what should i do ?

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Breast augmentation - post op - nerve damage

Answered by a doctor

I had a breast uplift and implants four days ago. Everything feels fine but i have a a very sharp pain under my arm pit at the side of my left breast. the surgeon said it was most likely to be nerve damage that would soon heal. any advise as i can hardly use my left arm?

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