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I was advised to use potato mask everyday- is it too much?

Hello, I have a dull complexion with some discoloration in places. I was recently advised to use a potato mask on my skin, by the girl who does my eyebrows. She says she uses it every day and it is true that she has gorgeous looking skin. Reading some more, I read that potato is a natural...

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How can I keep shy nipples erect?

I have shy nipples: nipples that only become erect when stimulated or cold. The rest of the time they are inverted. Is there any way (other than surgery) to keep them erect? Or will they always be like this?

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Is Bare Minerals talc free?

Hello everyone, I am new to these forums and I have a question I hope you can help me with. I have had a lot of bad reactions to cosmetics in the past and eventually found out that talc was causing the issues I had. I am now trying to avoid makeup that contains talc, whether it's in eye shadow,...

by User avatar Melinthewoods

Rhinoplasty Scar Tissue Healing. New proven solution for removing scar tissue without surgery

Answered by a doctor

For anyone reading this who has excessive scar tissue after a rhinoplasty, DO NOT get a revision until you read this. I am a female who had a terrible build up of scar tissue in the tip of my nose after a rhinoplasty several years ago, creating a ski slope affect to my profile. It left me more self...

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Airol cream caused white spots on my face. What can I do about it?

Hello :) So one day i got a pimple on my forehead and i put Airol 0.05% cream for two nights so i can get rid of the pimple. The people dissapeared in 2-3 days but i got a white mark on my forehead that didnt go away ever.. Two days ago , i decided to start Airol treatment for its...

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mederma side effects

Answered by a doctor

I am using mederma as recommended by pharmacist for the scar I have on the thigh. I have experience some itching, so I was wondering if that is because I am allergic to the cream or why?

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Hyaluronic acid - mix with oil serum or layer ?

I got a hyaluronic acid serum, but I'm also using an oil based vitamin C + other stuff serum. I have experimented with applying the HA serum a few times now and it strikes me that it absorbs so quickly that I don't notice much hydration. I'm now left wondering if it would be bad in any way to mix...

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Cosmetic products helped my skin after being exposed to a hot sun for 2 straight hours

I was a sitting duck after 2 beers and the hot sun at the county fair. The exhibit was hawking the Avologi LED tool and using Dermalectives to show how the tool enhanced the benefits of the skin care. Quite frankly, the LED did help. However, the person "threw in" enough sealed in package,...

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Using proactive and my face started to swell and look abnormal. I have a derma visit next week

My face started to swell and look abnormal so I decided to Google to see if it's just me and here I am. Itsa good thing I have a dermatologist visit next week cause in the trash its gonna go

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Philips Reaura Vs Palovia

Hi everyone I'm in the market for an at home laser device to work on my fine lines and deeper wrinkles. I had been eyeing the Palovia for a while, and then found out that Philips would be selling a similar device in the form of the Reaura. I am now confused. I know I want one of these — but...

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