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Unrefined shea butter for dry skin

Hey, Does anyone here use unrefined shea butter for dry skin, just the shea butter by itself? I have very dry and sensitive skin, usually mostly on my face but right now, I am dealing with dry patches, sandpapery dry patches, on my upper arms and all over my legs as well. I am using a...

by User avatar RosieRoe

There's really nothing wrong with getting silicone butt injections

There's really nothing wrong with getting silicone butt injections. You just have to make sure the person is experienced and have the correct product. I had it done in Michigan and everything is fine.

by User avatar Lovely

Anyone knows where I can go to get butt injections?

Anyone knows where I can go to get butt injections? I am scheduled for the Brazilian Butt lift but I heard the butt injections are more simple.. I need a reputable place to go..

by User avatar Yadira Awe357032

Proactive fails, my skin is on fire and it's never been so dry in my life

Sooo about a week ago my parents bought me proactive and I was so excited, it came the next week and I was so excited to try it out and to "finally see my face clear up". I uses it for the first 2 days but the third day I woke up with a bunch of pimples, swelling, bumps, and redness. Really bad...

by User avatar Guest

I have a very bad experience with a deep pore charcoal cleanser.

I’m so glad to see im not the only one who suffered from breakouts from this product. I have recently been trying to take better care of my skin, so i bought the deep pore charcoal cleanser. I only used it once and while i was applying it it was burning very badly. The next morning i woke up and...

by User avatar Guest

Best night cream for rosacea skin

Hi,  Some of you know that I have rosacea. Finding products that are suitable for rosacea skin is always a hassle, and you have to be extra careful. Now, I don't normally use a night cream, and just apply my day cream again before going to sleep. But I have been reading that night cream...

by User avatar Crazy-About-PINK348033

Has anyone tried DermaRoller skin needling for stretchmarks?

Hello, I have two kids and the second one gave me pretty bad stretch marks. She's 10 now by the way and I have had those stretch marks ever since that time... yes, in spite of using some fancy stretch mark cream at the time. In addition, I lost quite a lot of weight in my teens. That left me with...

by User avatar -JC-

Extremely over active oily skin - what are best solutions for sebaceous hyperplasia?

Answered by a doctor

Hi,  This is my first post at this forum. I am hoping you can help me solve an issue I have been struggling with.  I have always had a very oily, over active skin, as long as I can remember, and nothing really ever solved that. I'm now 42 and I've been noticing that a fair number of...

by User avatar Gwen

I used Proactiv Plus a got red and bumpy face

red and bumpy face after using proactiv for 2 days. . Scared I’ll be stuck like this forever. Please someone help me. 

by User avatar Anonymous

Treatment for boil under armpit - Cure Hidradenitis Suppurativa

Answered by a doctor

I'm asking for a friend who has recurring boils under her armpits. I've taken a look and done some Googling and I think she probably has Hidradenitis Suppurativa. Not nice stuff at all, very painful too. Repeated boils under the armpits are not only unpleasant, but embarrassing to boot. ...

by User avatar Lioness350837