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My HBA1C has come down from 63 to 57. Is that good?

My HBA1C has come down from 63 to 57. Is that good?

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What do you think about diabetic insulin patches? When they will become available on prescription?


by User avatar gracious dungarees

Can the weight loss drug Trulicity aid weight loss in nondiabetics?

Hi everyone, I'm about to turn 40. I was as thin as a stick in younger years, and I remember thinking I'd always be the same size. I was obviously mistaken! I haven't weighed myself in a long while, but I know I'm overweight and I would like to start tackling the problem. A friend said I could...

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if being a type 2 diabetic cause penis foreskin to swell and crack, I am on a med metformin?

if being a type2 diabet cause penis foreskin to swell and crack l am on metformin?

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Soy yogurt found helpful in controlling diabetes

Scientists from the Massachusetts Amherst University decided to investigate what effects certain plant compounds had on the enzymes targeted by diabetes drugs, notably alpha-amylase and alpha-glucosidase and on angiotensin converting enzyme or ACE inhibitors, drugs used for lowering high blood...

by User avatar Markos

Has anyone experienced foul smelling wind on Victoza

Hello, I really have a problem with Victoza. Since I had such a problem with taking metformin (diarrhea and tummy pains), my doctor put me on Victoza. Things were fine for a while and I had lower sugars and some weight loss. However slowly I developed terrible belching and bad smelling gas. Has...

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cold feet, dizziness and a spinning sensation.low blood or vertigo?

Answered by a doctor

Need help! My father woke up with a symptom of cold feet, dizziness with a spinning sensation (Im assuming VERTIGO). My initial reaction was to take my father's Blood Pressure and got a result of 150/70. There are 2 things that keeps popping on my heard, 1st is low blood sugar...

by User avatar sairutsa140009

Weight gain on Victoza!! Plus I no longer have a menstrual cycle

I started Victoza in November 2017, to date I have packed on 30 pounds! Plus I no longer have a menstrul cycle. Doctor ran tests to see if it was onset of menopause and it is not a result. My stomach area is huge and bloated all the time even though I have absolutely no appetite. It did...

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Drinking Alkaline Water lower your sugar levels

I'm a 65 year young women who is diabetic and I was wondering if drinking alkaline water would lower my sugar levels? My friends tell me that drinking alkaline water has many health benefits. I've heard that is can lower high blood pressure and lower blood sugar levels. Is this true? I really just...

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burning and pulsating pain on top of foot

Answered by a doctor

Over the last 2 weeks I have awakened with a pulsating and burning pain on the top of my left foot. It's located above my toes, on the top, it feels like, and not the bottom of my foot. It has been severe enough to wake me up at times. It occurs every once in a while during the day as well. I do...

by User avatar katek