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Journey of a Newly Diagnosed Diabetic!

So, I've been diagnosed with diabetes about 3 weeks ago and since then I'm trying to discover more and more information about my condition. I got a lot of help from people at and they help me understand my condition better. I've even joined some support groups where I can get help and...

by User avatar stephenlopez364322

Newly Diagnosed With Question About Metformin

Answered by a doctor

Hi everyone, I was diagnosed with type 2 two weeks ago and my doctor put me on metformin 500mg tab. My sugar levels are just a mess. I've gone from a low of 11.2 and up to a high of 26. Oh boy! My doctor told me not to eat any sugar. Oh, this is difficult as I had no idea of much sugar is hidden in...

by User avatar Guest

Metformin and eggs causing diarrhea. Normal or problematic

Answered by a doctor

I take 1500mg of Metformin daily for my type 2 diabetes and every time I eat eggs withing 30 mins to an hour I have stomach cramps and diarrhea. Are the two together the problem? I know Metformin can cause diarrhea, but I have managed to control that with antidiarrhea meds, but if I eat eggs it gets...

by User avatar Susan

diagnosed with diabetes nearly 3 weeks ago and need some advice to cope up with the condition

So, I've been newly diagnosed with diabetes nearly 3 weeks ago and need some advice to cope up with the condition for a longer time. I'm 27 years old and currently on metformin as prescribed by the doctor. I'll be thankful for all the help you people will provide me!

by User avatar stephenlopez364322

i got tinnitus at V.A. on Metformin,B-12,Atorovastatin from MD and taking aspirin daily for 30+yrs

Answered by a doctor

My V.A. doctor said I was "pre-diabetic" years ago on 2 sweet OJ glasses for breakfast and 2 cups coffee and then 2-4 sugary sodas a day as a 16hr/day legal commercial driver in CA; it was 14hrs/day!   I was taking a multivitamin and aspirin daily for over 30 years. The MD didn't tell me...

by User avatar dg2

what can I eat to keep my sugar level up without taking too much sugar?

sometime my sugar drop. What can I eat to keep it up with out going to much sugar.

by User avatar Guest

Effect of cannabis on Inr levels?

Effect of cannabis on Inr levels.

by User avatar Guest

face swelling in diabetics

Answered by a doctor

what are the causes for the swelling of the face and eyes on someone that is diabetic.

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Managing type I and type II Diabetes with foods. What kind of food is good for a diabetic?

Hello members, I am a type II patient for the last 25 years. Now a days, I have gotten into bad eating habits and so my sugars are unhealthy. What kind of foods are good for a diabetic. Why I am having trouble to find real food just good for type I or type II diabetics. My son has type I. Expecting...

by User avatar delu363114

Need to gain weight, I'm a type 1 diabetic with very fast metabolism

Answered by a doctor

Ive been a type 1 diabetic for 20 years and ive always struggled with gaining weight due to a very high metabolism.  Doesnt matter how much i eat,  it just doesnt do anything.  And its starting to show,  i seem to be getting smaller and its kind of embarrassing and im getting...

by User avatar Jordan