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Skipping meals and fasting blood glucose result.

Skipping Meals And Fasting Blood Glucose Result.

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Metformin side- effects question

Answered by a doctor

Metformin Side- Effects Question

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Why can't I lose my weight on the diabetes drug Trulicity?

Hi everyone, I started on Trulicity a month ago. I'm quite overweight because of steroids and despite nothing eating hardly anything any more in an effort to lose weight. I eat what I have to, the bare minimum, but that's it. I'm also on insulin and you all know that adds to the problem too....

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What Are Signs and Symptoms of a MTHFR mutation???

Hi, I've come across talk of MTHFR mutations in the news and I'd like to know more about this. I'm type 2 diabetic and diabetes has popped up as one of the many conditions that can be related to MTHFR mutations. I am now curious whether I have a MTHFR mutation and, if so, whether there are any...

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6monthly HBA1c unnecessary for well controlled diabetics.

I'm 65 years old and I have been diagnosed with diabetes 10 years ago. At least 5 friends of mine have DM2 and we talk a lot about our medications, doctors and exams. There is one point which is testing HbA1c, that we are all very surprised about the different frequencies that each of ours GPs...

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White sticky foam on the skin when I pull it back during masturbation

Answered by a doctor

What I masterbate I pull back the skin and there white foam is that bad or puperty

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Best weight gain supplements for diabetics?

I am wanting to bulk up and add some muscle with my working out, I think I can if I had a weight gain supplement that has lots of proteing.  What supplements would you recommend for an 18 year old type 1 diabetic?  I work out on free weights and bike 10 miles a day, if that helps. 

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fever and black discharge from nose in a diabetic patient

Sir, my father in low is a diabetic patient and also he is paralytic . from  last 15 days he is suffering from fever and yesterday he had black discharge from his nose. So , sir kidly guide me about the treatment and the chances.                  ...

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dry mouth with metformin

Answered by a doctor

I am new to taking metformin, I have been taking it for the last two weeks. Just recently I have started to get a very dry mouth, its a very uncomfortable experience and is really getting me down. I have tried sipping on water through the day or sucking on diabetic boiled sweets but nothing really...

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Urination after alcoholic drinks, I am diabetic, but my sugar level is within normal

My age is 63 although I am a diabetic but my sugar level within normal. It is noticed last five years that whenever I drink more than three glass of alcoholic drinks I started urination every 10 to 15 minute gap. Moreover I cannot hold urin at that time and wets the dresses. Presently I afraid and...

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