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Effect of cannabis on Inr levels?

Effect of cannabis on Inr levels.

by User avatar Guest

Managing type I and type II Diabetes with foods. What kind of food is good for a diabetic?

Hello members, I am a type II patient for the last 25 years. Now a days, I have gotten into bad eating habits and so my sugars are unhealthy. What kind of foods are good for a diabetic. Why I am having trouble to find real food just good for type I or type II diabetics. My son has type I. Expecting...

by User avatar delu363114

Need to gain weight, I'm a type 1 diabetic with very fast metabolism

Answered by a doctor

Ive been a type 1 diabetic for 20 years and ive always struggled with gaining weight due to a very high metabolism.  Doesnt matter how much i eat,  it just doesnt do anything.  And its starting to show,  i seem to be getting smaller and its kind of embarrassing and im getting...

by User avatar Jordan

Swelling in face of diabetic patient

My father's face has been swelling so plzz help me what is the reason of face and also eye swelling . He is a patient of diabetic

by User avatar Faisal

my fasting glucose on the test was 8.5. Does that mean I'm diabetic now?

hey! I was told I'm prediabetic two years ago and recently did a blood work which was supposed to be the glucose intolerant test but couldn't finish the test because my fasting glucose was 8.5. Does that mean I'm diabetic now?

by User avatar ZZHgege361937

Can diabetic foot ulcers heal?

Answered by a doctor

The lady I work for has diabetes, and she has so many medical issues that it is hard to keep track sometimes. At the moment, she is in and out of hospital for a diabetic foot ulcer. Her foot looked all nasty and she has been really down about it. Do diabetic foot ulcers heal? Is the foot at risk of...

by User avatar maximilian681181703

fever and black discharge from nose in a diabetic patient

Sir, my father in low is a diabetic patient and also he is paralytic . from  last 15 days he is suffering from fever and yesterday he had black discharge from his nose. So , sir kidly guide me about the treatment and the chances.                  ...

by User avatar Guest

Urination after alcoholic drinks, I am diabetic, but my sugar level is within normal

My age is 63 although I am a diabetic but my sugar level within normal. It is noticed last five years that whenever I drink more than three glass of alcoholic drinks I started urination every 10 to 15 minute gap. Moreover I cannot hold urin at that time and wets the dresses. Presently I afraid and...

by User avatar 2451

How effective is Trulicity for a Diabetes type 2

Diabetic type 2 using Trulicity

by User avatar Alex B.352278

Being a brittle diabetic what would cause a red spot on the chest and also make a thumb turn black

What would make a diabetics thumb turn black and swollen?

by User avatar Rebecca