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what is average life expectancy for diabetic patients?

I've now had five foot amputation in the last 4 years, the. Length of time between each successive infection and amputation is decreasing with the last being 9 months apart. I understand that the amputations are likely to continue and I will lose more and it is likely that I will have a leg...

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What are the symptoms of diabetes?

What are the symptoms of diabetes?

by User avatar Ginger ninja354765

Insulin not working, the treatment to cure my cancer damaged my pancreas.

I am a strange case of diabetes. The massive radiation administered to push my cancer into remission also damaged my pancreas. I have had diabetes for about 15 years. Cancer was about 22 years ago. My insulin-to-carb ratio is 1:1...yes, one to one. BUT, over the last couple of months my usual...

by User avatar MEB

Wound between legs under scrotum which bleeds from time to time, I am diabetic

Answered by a doctor

i am suffering with an abnormality that there is scar/rough like wound in between the legs under scrotum which bleeds some times and then heai up and agian bleeds it is off and on process. it is also necessary to inform that iam a diabatic person (suffering from diabeties) since three years.

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diabetic angioplasty, he is now on medications for blood pressure and sugar

Answered by a doctor

my dad had a 100% block in RCA it was treated with angioplasty sucessfully and he is under medication for BP and sugar as he is type two diabetic and some other medication like ecosprin , Brilinta ,Atormac ,Cilacar and there are two more untreated 50% blocks can i know the further complications?

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Anyone ever tried Beyond Human Blood Sugar Support ?

Beyond Human Blood Sugar Support ?  I heard it is very very good !  Thx

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Diabetic leg amputation, when she will be able to put prosthetic leg?

My mom is 71 years and diabetic. She was amputated below the knee on the 30 September after series of toes amputation. She's still hospitalised, but for the past few days she was constipated.The wound healing very well. Is will be able to put prosthetic leg after sometime?

by User avatar Zenzile 353161

Is this a cure for Type 1 diabetes?

Researchers from the Northwestern University developed a risky treatment for Diabetes type 1 sufferers, who were able to throw away their insulin shots after undergoing the treatment. Stem cell transplant, as the treatment is called, allowed 14 out of 15 Brazilian patients to go insulin-free....

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What is inside Endo Medtronic pump?

What is inside someone's pump.  I have bivacane. Dilated  any suggestions? thanks gloria

by User avatar Gemnaz

Supplements to help with diabetes and mental fogginess

I've been a quadriplegic for 14 years now, and only take Baclofen for spasms, and clonidine for extreme sweats. I was diagnosed with diabetes 4 years ago and until 2 months ago, I controlled it strictly with diet. But when numbers started rising and my A1C went from 5.4 to 7.7, I started taking...

by User avatar lou351967