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Newly Diagnosed Pre-Diabetic

What kind of advice would you give to a newly diagnosed Pre-Diabetic? My girlfriend is in her early fifties and we both thought that she was healthy, but after some symptoms that indicated otherwise, she went for a series of doctors appointments and checks, and she found out she is Pre-Diabetic now....

by User avatar puff862159485

Asian Diabetes Cure?

I am looking for all your opinions, good or bad, about the Asian Diabetes Cure. I suffer from Type 2 Diabetes and just heard about the Asian Diabetes Cure. I have not had time to research it much yet and I was hoping you could help me! Is it worth even pursuing this?

by User avatar lemar1927160679

Folic Acid Can Be Related To Increased Risk Of Developing Colon Cancer

Experts found that flour fortified with folic acid is related to increase of colon cancer diagnosis in North America. Folic acid is a chemical form of vitamin B and it has been added to wheat flour for years. First signs of influence of folic acid to people’s health was noticed when experts...

by User avatar Heather_2

side effects of diabetes

I don't know all that much about diabetes, so I apologize if this is a stupid question, but I hope someone will answer me. I am vaguely aware that diabetes has some side effects, and can lead to other health defects in turn. What are these side effects, and are there any ways to prevent them? Thanks...

by User avatar enrico122151543

diabetic nephropathy

My mother is a long standing diabetes patient as well as being elderly now. We all knew that she was going down hill with her health, but this morning, I spoke to her doctor and she explained to me that my mom has diabetic nephropathy now, and will probably need dialysis. Can anyone tell me what...

by User avatar welby1886159486

diabetes heart disease

Answered by a doctor

I am looking for figures on the connection between having diabetes and also being a heart patient. I know that diabetes can lead to organ damage and organ failure in the long term, but what does this mean for heart disease? What are the hard facts and figures for the developed world? When you have...

by User avatar thadeus1341166459