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What treatments are available for chronic diabetic gastroparesis?

Answered by a doctor

What treatments are available for chronic diabetic gastroparesis?

by User avatar Guest

Overpowering sugar taste in my mouth

Answered by a doctor

Hello I have a constent over powering sugar taste in my mouth,,,, I've been tested for diabetics but all tests were clear ,, but every time I've have had my sugar taken it has been 12.2 13.6 and 10.7 . So what do I do now I'm still getting this over powering sugar taste

by User avatar Linda Louise Evans

For all you that were in the Vietnam War, if you have Type 2 Diabetes, you can get compensation

For all you that were in the  Vietnam War, if you have Type 2 Diabestes, you can get compenstion. My husband gets  it, apply now, it takes months to get it but they pay from when you apply. Trust me it helps a little, the goverment needs to do a Hell of a lot more

by User avatar thewesselskids

diabetes 544mg/dl glucose value

diabetes 544mg/dl

by User avatar taulandi322769

Diet suggestions for diabetics to gain weight

Answered by a doctor

Are you a type 1 diabetic who had to gain weight due to other medical reasons? How did you manage to do so? Did you get help from your doctor or dietitian or did you have to take the harder road and learn for yourself. If you have come up with a good solutions, please share them with the rest of...

by User avatar Marrilyn

I felt a SEARING pain from the back of my skull

What happened thus morning when I woke up was I felt a SEARING pain from the back of my skull and the pain spread as I stood to turn off my alarm clock. When I was walking over to the clock, I was stumbling over nothing and I felt as if I couldn't walk. Dizzyness would be the best way to describe...

by User avatar Guest

what tests can be done to know if I've had a mini stroke

Answered by a doctor

I am a 62 yr old female diabetic type II - no insulin, my choice, who also has chronic liver desease due to Hep C received thru a blood transfusion back in 1976.  I have gone thru the old traditional HepC treatment which was not successful and am waiting for the approval of a new improved...

by User avatar Susan

I looked up the symptoms and was told it could be type 1 diabetes? Should I go to the doctor?

Hello. My name is Madison and I'm 15 years old. Lately I've been becoming very, very dizzy once standing up. For example this happened yesterday. I woke up in my bed and slowly stood up. I had to use the restroom. I made it out my door and I was only a few feet away from the bathroom when suddenly...

by User avatar MadisonBowler283918

Having type 1 diabetes and weight loss

I have diabetes and I've been thinking and I want to go glutton free but will it work because when bg goes low I will need a carb, right? Anyways or tips that might of helped you loose weight ?

by User avatar Sora Hime257472

my fiance has been experiencing pain in the lower back, hips, thigh, leg scrotum and foot

Answered by a doctor

for the last 3 weeks my fiance has been having numbness, burning, tingling, and pain in his back, hips, thighs, legs and left foot. he has been out of work for two weeks and has had an MRI and an ultra sound of the back, hip, groin, legs and feet. has anyone else experience anything like this if so...

by User avatar cj's wedding blues