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best diet with metformin

Answered by a doctor

I have been taking metformin for my diabetes, but have noticed that I have gained weight since starting on this drug. While I am not 100 per cent certain, I do suspect that the metformin is connected to my weight gain. Do you have anything to say about the diet that is best combined with metformin?

by User avatar bonnie1678172231

Best diet for diabetic neuropathy?

Answered by a doctor

When it comes to diabetic neuropathy, diet takes a front row seat and you have to do everything you can to make sure you take the right amounts of the right foods. If you have diabetic neuropathy, could you please share what you are eating? Are you still able to enjoy your food?

by User avatar maxie2036172152

Diabetes and erection problem

Answered by a doctor

I am diabetic and have high blood pressure, which as far as I am know are properly controlled, but recently I noticed that I am having erection problem. I like haveing sex but I cant get it up or as strong as before. I am 44 years old. Please help

by User avatar latino

Computer program for diabetes to tarck diabetes calories, weight, insulin shots

Answered by a doctor

I heard about these computer programs to track diabetes that are really helpful and make life with diabetes more easy to manage. I think this sounds wonderful and I really want to have one of those programs, to track calories, weight, insulin shots... Can you recommend me any good ones?

by User avatar randal1617166064

Can anyone help me to get Diabetic Diet List

Answered by a doctor

I am looking up some information about diabetes, preventative measures in exercise and especially diet. Can anyone help me get the Diabetic Diet List? I have not been able to locate this list, but I am sure it is around somewhere? I would be grateful for your help on this!

by User avatar zane1046165513

Southern type recipes for renal (diabetic) diet

Answered by a doctor

My mom has diabetes now and has a bad kidney too. She is what she would refer to as a "traditional Southern lady" and that is how she likes her food as well. Can you help me find good recipes for a renal (diabetic) diet, that are southern type dishes? My mom and I would really appreciate that.

by User avatar Guest

Does anyone know a good site for diabetes diet?

Answered by a doctor

I am looking for a great and informative website about diabetes and great diabetes diets. There seem to be many of these around the internet, but it is hard to discern which sites are run by professionals who have knowledge about diabetes, and which websites are run commercially without truly...

by User avatar rolando688163267

diet for diebetic mother

Answered by a doctor

i want to know the perfect diet plan of diebetic mother.what to eat and also what not to eat.

by User avatar sheeba

Ibuprofen Dangerous for Diabetics?

Answered by a doctor

Completely by chance, I recently heard somewhere that Ibuprofen, which is my over the counter medication of choice, is dangerous for diabetics? Is it really true that Ibuprofen is dangerous for diabetics, and why? Does Ibuprofen increase blood sugar levels in any way? Or what is it that is...

by User avatar arnold1103162418

Diabetes and Aspartame?

Answered by a doctor

I am newly diagnosed with Diabetes. I was never a person who was big on sugar, but I do like chewing gum and soda, and I noticed that a lot of the products I am consuming contain Aspartame. How safe is this for diabetics? Do you you think that cutting products containing Aspartame from my diet is a...

by User avatar lucienne_161327161327