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light stomach constant pains

About 13 months ago I had cancer in my bladder.They removed my bladder,appendyx and prostate.The doctors made me a new bladder out of my large intestines,it does not work the way it use to but I hope now I,m cancer free.My problem now is I get a lot of stomoch discomfort,sometimes its worse than...

by User avatar john schembri

ct scan clear; could i still have colon cancer?

Answered by a doctor

I have been having bloating, some cramping, gas for abuot 2 years now. Off and on, I have foul smelling gas. I had an abdominal ct scan a few months ago which was normal. My concern is, could this still be colon cancer? Does the fact that my ct scan was clear still make colon cancer a possibility?...

by User avatar Shelley McKay

Could I have colon cancer?

Answered by a doctor

I am 24 year old male. I have always been a active person. I lost my job and was not very active at all for 6 months and I got constipated for 3 days. I fixed that and I started noticing blood specs on the toilet paper a few days later and the doc said it was a hemorrhoid. Ever since then I have...

by User avatar Stratos2121

Should a person exposed to UV be afraid of basocelurar carcinoma?

Hello! Does anyone can tell me one thing? I don’t know what is the best source for following question. Should a person exposed to UV be afraid of basocelurar carcinoma? I am afraid because I’ve heard that is not harmless. If someone has any opinion or answer I would like to hear it....

by User avatar bowie1583133831

Bad headache on one side of my head, red bumps, and high fev

Answered by a doctor

I'm not too worried, but my girlfriend is. Recently, I've had a fever that won't go away. I've taken medicine for the flu, but it doesn't help. It's been over 7 days, longer than the flu should be. My head constantly is in pain, on the right side of my head, by my temple. When I stand up, even...

by User avatar Pinkie2192111

What are the signs of womb cancer

I have been unwell for about two months now, my doctor has done some blood test and my LFT can back slightly high although i am not a heavy drinker, My periods have become very heavy and i am very tender in my lower part of my tummy, i have mussle pain, and feel very tierd most of the time, yet have...

by User avatar jaknite1

Experiencing abdominal cramps and bloating for months

Answered by a doctor

I have been experiencing abdominal cramps and bloating for months. Was diagnosed with IBS and given tablets and drinks for relief of this. Returned to the doctor as symptoms had not improved and had worsened and also because pain had started in my lower back which spread right the way up to my neck....

by User avatar sunflower

Hurting in back and stomach

For the past month of so I have been hurting in my back and stomach. This is not a sharp pain, just more of a nusience pain. I feel full and bloated and have not eaten a thing. (I have no appetite) I feel as though something is stuck in my throat and sometimes it is hard for me to breathe. My...

by User avatar Brandy101528485



by User avatar BARBARA

testical cancer

well i have been masterbating since 10- 11 before puberty and now im 19 pretty much every day i masterbate since 14 on too 19 . my problem is that i have suspision that i have testical cancer i go to the bath room alot , my testical area feels a little heaviness, and som times i...

by User avatar baller1937430