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I felt a lump on my left side of my abdomen. It is a couple inches higher than my belly button

AGE: 28     WEIGHT: 246    HEIGHT: 6'2"    SMOKER: 7 YEARS I have noticed this a couple of years ago or so:  I felt a lump on my left side of my abdomen. It is a couple inches higher than my belly button and about 8 inches...

by User avatar WorryDave89363968

just paranoid or actually real?

Answered by a doctor

hello, i have been experiencing colon cancer-like symptoms like blood on stools, fatigue, headaches.. im actually very afraid that it might be cancer..because my cousin's mum who is a medical worker, once told me that Fisherman's Friend causes cancer and im quite addicted to that, as in i consume...

by User avatar raizuan4467

Do I have lung cancer? I got some green/yellow phlegm

Hi everyone. I had the flu towards the end of January which came with a chesty cough that brought with it a lot of green/yellow phlegm. It wasn't pleasant but I stopped bringing stuff up after about a week.  I don't have flu anymore, however I've still had a cough since then. I've not...

by User avatar WorrierUK

Anal bleeding. 17 years old

Answered by a doctor

About a month ago i notced after a bowel movement some blood on the toilet paper(not much just a dab or two). Since then this has kept happening, although in the occassional bowel movement i don't notice any blood at all. Just today, not only did that happen, but a little blotch of blodd came out...

by User avatar Guest

Woken Daily By Severe Pain in Both Sides, I was diagnosed with early stages of bladder cancer

About 4 months ago I was being woken by sharp pain in my left side, I was having tests done at the time so I kind of put that in the back of my mind.About a month later the pain was in my left sides so bad were the pains I was being woken up at 4-5 o'clock each day ' I cannot bend some times breath...

by User avatar Tom Smiles357383

i'm having rib pain which is going into right side. I had lung cancer 6 years ago

had lung cancer 6 years ago 2 years now getting rib pain going into right side going into back cant lay flat in terrible pain been on morphine don't work had ct scan and ultrasound came back normal

by User avatar ann

19 and afraid I have Ovarian Cancer, I have all the symptoms

Hi, a little bit about me. I'm newly 19, and have all the symptoms of ovarian cancer. This summer I went to the hospital for the first time for sharp lower abdominal pain. After many tests they sent me home saying it was a uti and possible crohns. So I was sent to see my gastro where I was diagnosed...

by User avatar taylor_lovepink362479

lump on xiphoid process

Answered by a doctor

My doctor has told me that I have a lump on my xiphoid process, which can be seen on an x-ray. They have not yet made any diagnosis and are going to run some tests, but I am worried. Could this in any way be serious? I hate to mention the C word, but could this be cancer?

by User avatar husein719137704

Can you get cancer from too much computer

i use my computer every day sometimes all day at least 4 hours a day i was wondering can u get cancer from it?

by User avatar Guest

Coughing Blood - Likelihood of Cancer, I have been a moderately heavy smoker and drinker

Answered by a doctor

I have been a moderately heavy smoker and drinker for the better part of 10-12 years now. Couple of smokes here there in high school, moved up to a half pack a day in college and ever since have hovered between a half and a whole pack a day for the better part of 8 years. In addition to that, I have...

by User avatar Guest