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I feel something like tumor inside the wall of my rectum, what is it?

This past days i have difficult in straining my bowel so what i have to do is put my fingers inside to support the bowel, yesterday while i was straining my bowel i felt something like a lump in a size of a cashew seed inside the wall of my rectum I don't know what it is im panicking right now i...

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Lump on my butt cancer?

Answered by a doctor

There is a hard lump about the size of a pea on my butt i feel it when i press down on it. It is in an area that rubs against skin alot and i do alot of running. Could it just be irritation or is it cancer?

by User avatar jane54547582

I am 18, Can I Have Ovarian Cancer Now?

Answered by a doctor

I am 18 and have some gynaecological problems. I have always had irregular periods, that is not so uncommon, I know, but have always been very painful. I had an ultrasound exam recently and I think that there is something not well. I am going to have one more exam tomorrow and get the explanation...

by User avatar sharl424

Is it true that heating pad can cause cancer?

I always had problems with my back pain and shoulder blade pain. As a relief, I use my heating pad a lot. I use it when I get in bed at night and lay back on the heating pad seeking relief. But, what actually scared me is the information I've heard recently that using heating pad can cause cancer....

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I've been smoking 2 years and my throat has become very sore and hurts near the base of the throat

I've been smoking 2 years and my throat has become very sore and hurts near the base of the throat. My Lymph nodes are swollen, and I can feel the throat pain even from moving my tongue. I seem to have no other sickness. Should I be worried about cancer?

by User avatar Josh

risk of malignancy in hydradenitis suppurativa

Answered by a doctor

hello this is keith .i am a medico i ld like to know is there anychance of malignant transformation in a case of chronic hydradenitis suppurativa. i know a patient with this problem but she has no boils now,excepting for pruritis and lichenifications in the affected area.

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can a subarchnoid cyst become cancer

Can A Subarchnoid Cyst Become Cancer

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19 year old kid, scared crapless with leukemia symptoms, crying every day i wake up

Answered by a doctor

Hi all thanks in advance for your replies, to make this flat out im very afraid and worried and my Anxiety is through the rough ive had to take my ativans everyday even though im not supposed to do. Im soooo afraid I have leukemia im 19 Ive been diagnosed with year round allergies(hay fever) and GAD...

by User avatar Arkanian323878

Scared it might be cancer

I have a sweeping on the left side of my lower belly and get sharp pains all the time I have frybroyds on the right even my navil hurts

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Cancer or Cipro effects? swollen lymph nodes, losing of hair, joint and muscle pain

It all started with testicular pain that would not go away, so I made an appointment with my doctor. Then two days before my appointment I got a flue or a sinus infection, I'm not sure on what it was. I know I had green mucus coming out every where, and my throat was painful and dry. No...

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