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Collar bone enlarged on the left side since I had a mastectomy

I had a mastectomy (left breast and all nodes removed) in 2016. Within last few months noted that my collar bone on left side (from v) is twice as thick as right side. I initially thought this to be a side effect of the chemo. No pain per se in that area. Have a sore throat on left only...

by User avatar Ctfarmgirl

can a 16 year old have a prostate cancer?

Im 16 and i feel i may have prostate cancer nut im unsure if it is even possible for may age to have it could someone please help me to better understand it im quite worried and frieghtened

by User avatar Kendrick dobbs

painful lumps in my armpits during my menstruation period?

there is this painful lumps in my armpits during my mentruaion period

by User avatar dorcas113

7 months post op colorectal surgery and still have mucous discharge regularly?

7 months post op colorectal surgery and still have mucous discharge regularly. normal? Could this message indicate cancer?

by User avatar Iva

Possible small exposure to asbestos? Risk factor?

I went out today with my family to a national park, and there was a fort with several severely run down buildings. We decided to hop in a few and take some photos,but didn't spend long. I had the thought of the exposure to asbestos, but my father talked me out of it. Granted, this is the guy who...

by User avatar Maria Zozulya356718

Swollen belly button, red, painful, with red bulge inside

Hi,I'm suffering from a weird skin infection. It's made the skin around my belly button feel hard (the inflammation of tissue beneath the skin) and painful. My belly button is swollen and the area around it is red and inflamed. The knot of my belly button looks like it's possibly filled with liquid...

by User avatar katniss93

do i have anal fistula?

I saw i have two holes on my anal which the other one has like a tear shape that comes out whenever i pass stool and goes back inside when i am done. is this anal fistula? can this be cancerous?

by User avatar colacrystal104365

Mammography screening after pain and bruising etc.

I had a mammogram Feb11th 2017 followed by an ultrasound. It is always very painful for me. I figured because of the 49 lbs. I lost that's why it hurt more this time. They tell me to use cold compress's and take Tylenol for the pain. On Feb 16th, I get called back in to redue the procedure again...

by User avatar TooSick2098356137

Likelihood of getting lung cancer for a 15-years smoker

Hi, Please let me know your views if I may have lung cancer. I am too scared and will be going for few tests this week. Age 35, male smoker :15 years, 6-8 per day, pack tears: around 6, have quit recently. My left chest hurts randomly ( right chest is absolutely normal), have very light...

by User avatar rusticriver

Pain in lumbar area of the spine and prostate cancer

Answered by a doctor

Can you please help me with a question? I have been having these pains in the lumbar area of my spine, and I am wondering what this is? To be honest I am quite worried that it could possibly a sign of prostate cancer. Is this true? Are there any other people who had similar pains as I am describing,...

by User avatar quintin642157031