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Hard bump under right breast

Answered by a doctor

Hey guys, I'm a 14 year old girl and I'm concerned about this bump I have under my right breast.  I realized it about a year ago, it feels like one and does not move. It does not cause me pain of any sort but it's very concerning.  It has also gone up into my right breast. Meaning my right...

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lump on throat, outside of the neck

Answered by a doctor

i have a lump been their a few days i never had this before, so i did not no what to think the lump is on the outside of the neck, of the throat have no any any systoms  can anyone tell me what that is, have not been to doctor yet.  is it a tumor

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Found a new small lump - scared it is cancer!

Answered by a doctor

OK - about two months ago I was diagnosed with Thyroid cancer after a lump showed up in my thyroid overnight.  I am paranoid and I know it.  I had a 6 cm lipoma removed off my torso (over the ribs) just below my right breast two weeks later - benign.  Then I had a mass...

by User avatar Babypodof4350182

scared of having throat cancer, I smoked and drank very much

so where to start when I was a baby my mom gave me wine I started smoking cigarettes at 13 years old I also started smoking weed at 15 then at 16 I started using meth which destroyed my life i started ditching school and eventually got kick out did graduate. I continued using meth smoking ciggaretts...

by User avatar bobbyb9478622 352653

Pains from tailbone and anus and some stomach pains, possible abdominal cancer?

Hi I'm 23 years old  Male and ive had some of these symptoms for months now and im getting paranoid about them. Its constantly on my mind. My symptoms include not being able to pee straight away this generally is only a thing in the morning. My bladder does empty fully and seems to be...

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Swollen lymph nodes for 3 years - Lymphoma?

Hello everyone! I'm 15 years old male, hypochondriac and recently I've been feeling terrible. I noticed swollen lymph nodes in my groin, neck (which kinda disappeared), under jaw and under my armpit. I've been having them for quite a lot of time (something like 3 years) and they're...

by User avatar milono349838

Do I have cancer symptoms? Cancer runs in my family

Hi, I'm a 27 year old male, and have been having a lot of problems with constant constipation, diarrhea, blood in my stool, cramping, fatigue and nausea, and I'm always tired. I've been to the ER multiple times and they said it was hemorrhoids, but what they prescribe me has never worked. Cancer...

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I am bruising really bad for no reason, I'm always tired and have low platelet count

Hi I'm a 22 year old female I need some help I am brushing really bad for no reason I can take a shower and have 5 New bruises from being the color blue to being dark purple with lumps in them I'm losing my hair like crazy I'm always tried and I have low platelet count. I'm always cold but my...

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Swollen Abdomen Pain On Left SideHIGH white blood cell count

Answered by a doctor

Hi, For the past two months I have been experiencing a swollen abdomen under my belly button down, a dull pain on my left side. I have under gone a few different blood test, and for my blood count my white blood cells came back elevated. The doctor told me that means there is a sign of infection...

by User avatar KLuLu11343

I was recently diagnosed with Antritis in the stomach

Hi, I am a 51 Year old retired Army Vet, I was recently diagnosed with Antritis in the stomach. I have severe burning of stomach and it does not matter what I eat. I do have Gastro reflex disease. What steps do i need to take.

by User avatar jwalker590920182563