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Earring got stuck inside my earlobe when trying to take it out

Hi, i got my ears pierced for the first time 2 months ago, tonight I tried taking them out and have had problems. I had no problem with my left ear, but on my right I tried taking it out and as I couldn’t I gave up as it was 1am when I was doing it. I woke up this morning and my earlobe...

by User avatar davidosullivan1998

Outer ear pulsating

Anyone suffering from outer ear pulsating? No pain, just extremely uncomfortable.  Always in the left ear.  Any suggestion for relief.  I'm concerned because I known there are main arteries through the neck to the cranial. The pulse is so strong at times.  Trying to get in to see a Dr. For these...

by User avatar Guest

boric acid for ear wax removal

My mother was a R.N. nurse in the 1930's. She had home remedies for almost everything. One thing she believed in was boric acid. She used it to clean the wax from ears of me and my siblings. Now, 67 years later I get build up of ear wax and the medical people try to remove it with peroxide. I...

by User avatar Guest

A little ball in my ear lobe. Swollen gland?

Answered by a doctor

I noticed a little ball in my ear lobe that comes and goes every once and a while, and if I touch it or mess around with it, it will start to hurt just a little but not painfully. Is this a swollen ear gland or anything I should be worried about? ******* **this post is edited by moderator **...

by User avatar Guest

one ear is growing larger than the other one

Over the past six months I have noticed that one ear is getting significantly larger than the other and that same side of my face seems flatter than the other.  I'm a "senior" so it seems more difficult to understand.  I realize that your ears never stop growing but the difference is...

by User avatar Daisy

what could cause outer ear pain

Answered by a doctor

I have outer ear pain, for as long as 6 yrs. It is mostly at night when i go to bed.I'm a right side sleeper, but since this started i've had to which to my left side. Now my left ear hurts. would someone please answer it really is painful :'(

by User avatar Guest

my ear keeps hurting and I can't sleep, what pills or ear drop can I use?

I’m 18 years of age and I also have the same problem  my ear keeps hurting and I woke up 4:30 today just because I can’t sleep and it keeps hurting bad  last 3 years I had same problem but it went when I went to pharmacy and they gave me some pills and ear drop  this...

by User avatar Michael

Could my gradual hearing loss be related to C56,67 fusions,nerve damage?

Answered by a doctor

Injury in 3/2003 resulting in collapsed cervical discs C 5/6 C6/7 among other injuries. Subsequent surgery to remove and replace with cadeaver discs May 07, 40% successful. Continued chronic pain daily bilateral neck, and right scap pain is deep ache. (Rt shoulder had torn rotar cuff repaired 12/04...

by User avatar angelamongyou

Fuzzy head, dizziness, nausea and fatigue

Answered by a doctor

Hi, I wondered if anyone could help? For the past 2 months (infact maybe longer) I have been experiencing the above symptoms and they seem to be getting worse. My head feels constantly fuzzy and heavy. I also am getting extremely fatigued even when performing the lightest of tasks such as cleaning...

by User avatar Guest

What can I do to stop my vertigo problems? I am losing balance and being dizzy

Answered by a doctor

Ve been having lose of balance and dizziness for a while now what can I do or use to stop it.... sometimes happened when am driving 

by User avatar Kayode