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chronic ear clicking

Answered by a doctor

Hi! I have clicking in the ear. Recently I went to otolaryngology and they told me that clicking is caused by partial blockage of the Eustachian tube. Doctor explain me something about cold, but I didn’t understand him well. I often have a problem with my ears. What can cause Eustachian tube...

by User avatar Guest

sore pimple in ear

Answered by a doctor

I am 23 and few days ago, I started to feel pain in my ear. Now I have a sore pimple in my ear and I am afraid that it is something serious. Can you tell me more about it, because it seems to me that I have an ear infection? I would appreciate any information.

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drinking alcohol causes pain in my ear, why??

Answered by a doctor

I have noticed recently that when I consume alcohol, my ears get sore - as if I had an infection. Yet, when not drinking, they feel fine. Does anyone have any idea what's going on here?

by User avatar bad_bones

Severe ear pain when laying on my side at night

Answered by a doctor

The ear pressure I've had the last four years seems to be the outer area of the ear, the cartilage area aching from the pressure of the weight on my head bearing down on the ear when sleeping and to relieve it, I keep having to turn over to the other side as I cannot sleep on my back My ear...

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Patulous Eustachian Tube Surgery

I had significant weight loss. After that I have vertigo, tinnitus and some other problems. I had numerous tests and the end doctor told me that my problem is patulous Eustachian tube. Doctor suggested me a surgery. Do you know something about Eustachian tube surgery?

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what is the remedy for a continuous sounds in head? i'm having them for a 7 days now

may somebody how to remedy the sounds on my head 7 days already ...

by User avatar rainproof glad

What is Bilateral moderate conductive hearing loss?

Answered by a doctor

Hello! My friend had some hearing problems, so, she went to her doctor and there was diagnosed that she has Bilateral moderate conductive hearing loss. She got antibiotics and that is it. Now, we (both of us) want to ask you to explain us what actually Bilateral moderate conductive hearing loss is....

by User avatar miof mela47646

I've been suffering with tinnitus since my neck surgery

Tinnitus. I have been suffering with it since Neck Surgery. I have tried several things and they do not work. I noticed it getting louder and also losing the location of noise.

by User avatar dreamlike authority

Chronic ear pain during pregnancy! I've tried olive oil, garlic, warm compresses, amoxicillin

I can't take this ear pain anymore, I had it during my first pregnancy and now I'm having it again with this 2nd pregnancy. My ear throbs so bad as soon as I lay down not even 3-5 minutes later the pain begins I haven't slept in 3 nights, and I feel like the pain gets worse, I've tried olive oil,...

by User avatar Maira

When I yawn my right ear rumble and thumps

When I yawn it burp my right ear rumble and thumps.Now and then it will get so loud it rattles my head and ear drum.Its not pulsative it don't follow heartbeat.The doctors can't help me anymore cause I worried them too much.And I dont have insurance.What is it cause I'm losing sleep behind it

by User avatar loner one