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Ear pain after dental treatment

Answered by a doctor

I went to a dentist two weeks ago for crown (lower right tooth). After placing a temporary crown I started feeling pain in the teeth and right ear (before the treatment I just had hot/cold sensitivity in this teeth.) The dentist claimed that pain is common with temporary crowns. After placing the...

by User avatar autopilot24787

Sudden hearing loss in right ear, but without any injury to the ear. I am put on antibiotics

I completely lost my hearing in my right ear about a week ago. No injury to the ear. I went to the doctor. He put me on steroids. I have a scheduled MRI. Has anyone experienced this and regained their hearing?

by User avatar else step-brother

My Ear Throbbing Experience and Solution. I injected a vinegar into it

2018-10-03 My left ear suddenly experienced unbearable throbbing in early August for about 3 weeks until I decided to do something about it by injecting vinegar into it. I immediately felt great relief and the throbbing largely ceased afterwards. It came back much milder a few days later and now I...

by User avatar joyful series

I underwent grommets for my ETD and after operation I lost 50% of my hearing

After a year of problems with etd my consultant suggested grommets. I was told 50/50 chance of it improving my condition but would certainly not make anything worse! Went ahead and immediately after the operation I had lost 50% of my hearing. I'm 3 weeks down the line and my hearing is still...

by User avatar fading furnace

Prednisone for sudden hearing loss

Answered by a doctor

Hi! I have sudden hearing loss (SHL). Doctor thinks that is autoimmune hearing loss, and he thinks that best therapy for me prednisone. Does anyone have similar experience? Can prednisone help?

by User avatar Guest

Exercises to help stop the Vertigo?

Answered by a doctor

Hello, folks. I have been experiencing some vertigo lately and I would like to fix it. I was wondering if there are some exercises that I could do and that could help in stopping vertigo. I would really appreciate if someone could tell me something more. Thanks in advance. Bye, folks!

by User avatar colby72998856

Moderate to severe ringing of the ears

Can a person get ringing of the ears from a botched spinal tap?

by User avatar Guest

heartbeat in ears at night

Answered by a doctor

I have tinnutis from working in factory and lately I have been hearing a beating at night. When I lay on my side it even feels like it is beating on pillow if that makes sense? That and the noise in my ears is driving me crazier than I usually am. What is it? :cry:

by User avatar granea

went to shooting range, ears are not recovering!

Hi i went to a shooting range 2 days ago, and yes, i was an idiot and did not wear ear protection, loud noises typically dont bother me at all, and im around them a lot.  anyway i forgot my ear plugs, and decided to shoot anyway, big my ears rang for about an hour after.  but after the...

by User avatar mrsa11208640

Hearing problems after waking up!

Answered by a doctor

hi, i've been having some problems with my hearing. Its only in one hear(left) my right ear is fine as for now. Like this only occurs in the morning right when i wake up and as the day goes by, it gets slightly better but the same thing happens every morning. I tried buying those earwax removal...

by User avatar sarang.love60154