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Inner Ears Itch Like Crazy

Hey there, I have a itchy problem. My inner ear itches like crazy!!! Huh… I would do anything to stop this itching!!!

by User avatar malhotra1416

Pros and cons of helix piercing?

Hai my mother is finally letting me have my helix pierced... I am 14 years old and I was wondering if you could tell me the pros and cons of getting this done. I already know not to have my ear pierced by the gun as it can shatter the bone. I would appreciate it if I had an answer soon as I will be...

by User avatar Guest

Which brand is good for hearing aids?

Hey!! I'm 45 years old and my left hear has some hearing problem. I had met with an accident a year ago but the doctor then told me I'm perfectly fine. So I didn't take any second opinion. But now I find it difficult to hear and it's kind of bugging me. I have scheduled an appointment with an...

by User avatar carolyn353342

Living With Meniere's Disease ...Support Network.

Answered by a doctor

I am have been living with Meniere's disease and would like to know if anyone is aware of a support group for Meniere's patients in Kenya or any other part of the world. In Kenya, there is no support for people living with this disease and almost no awareness even among the medics. Very little...

by User avatar MarySusan314639

Waardenburg Syndrome treatment

what are thetreatment options for waardenburg syndrome? What role do cochlear implants play?

by User avatar Namrita76594

earlobe cyst maybe

Answered by a doctor

i have a hard lump on my left earlobe that hurts. its inbetween my piercings on the bottom of the earlobe. i tried to pop it a couple of days ago.. and now it seems it swelled up and now is really red, with a yellowish color. could this possible be a cyst? i hope not but please get back to me. my...

by User avatar aarky12067

What hearing aid can help with conductive hearing loss?

Answered by a doctor

Hello! My mother is suffering from conductive hearing loss. This is very difficult time for her. I want to help her and I was thinking about hearing aid. But, I need information about what hearing aid can help with conductive hearing loss. I know that there are few types of hearing aid I hope you...

by User avatar terese85759132

Severe ear pain caused when I lay down at night.

Answered by a doctor

For the past year or so I have been getting ear pain every night if I lay on my side. I wake and can feel that my ear aches slightly and when I move off the pillow the pain becomes severe and sharp before subsiding. I have been to the Drs twice but his only suggestion was to not sleep on that side!...

by User avatar mumdonna66401

Exercises to help stop the Vertigo?

Answered by a doctor

Hello, folks. I have been experiencing some vertigo lately and I would like to fix it. I was wondering if there are some exercises that I could do and that could help in stopping vertigo. I would really appreciate if someone could tell me something more. Thanks in advance. Bye, folks!

by User avatar colby72998856

Outer ear pulsating

Anyone suffering from outer ear pulsating? No pain, just extremely uncomfortable.  Always in the left ear.  Any suggestion for relief.  I'm concerned because I known there are main arteries through the neck to the cranial. The pulse is so strong at times.  Trying to get in to see a Dr. For these...

by User avatar Guest