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septoplasty/rhinoplasty 40 days ago: can't breathe

Answered by a doctor

Hi all,I had a septo-rhinoplasty with inferior turbinate reduction about seven weeks ago (December 15).  Although my nasal passageways look clear, I feel that I can never get enough airflow through my nose.  This has been clear since the three week mark, when I started to expect pretty OK...

by User avatar anaee2012215886

4 years ago my right ear started to bleed and now having symptoms of a sphenoid sinusitis

Hello Everyone, about 4 years ago my right year started to bleed. Very painful. ETN specialist couldn't figure it out. He said that is was a severe ear infection. Put a drain in to let the blood drain out. Here I am 4 years later with my life robbed of me by my health. No doctor has understood the...

by User avatar Desperate

Left side of my neck painful, accompanied by headaches, ear

Answered by a doctor

For the past couple of months, I have been experiencing strange neck pains stretching from directly above my left clavicle traveling all the way up behind my left ear. Along with these neck pains, I have a terrible ear ache and constant popping in my ears. Sometimes, I get the feeling that I'm...

by User avatar schfifty0five20229

Head dizzy

Answered by a doctor

Doctor can diagnose our problem sometime it got treatment for but when

by User avatar Linda

Fungal ear infection & allergic reaction to face

Answered by a doctor

I was told I had a fungal ear infection 6 months ago in my right ear. At first I was given Lotrimin AF drops for my ear & after 3 weeks it didn't get better. At the same time I started waking up with my right eye swollen & my lips irritated & my race red. I keep being told it's not...

by User avatar healthhelp25434

Where can I get the best hearing loss treatment in Delhi?

Hearing loss is a cause of concern for those with hearing problem. Hearing impairment may occur in one or both ears. Where can I get the best hearing loss treatment in Delhi?

by User avatar offscreen moth

Whoosing and pulsating in ear after grommet op

Answered by a doctor

I have had bad dizziness for about 5 months due to fluid in my left ear. ENT said that if I had a grommet fitted then it would cure the problem so I had the op 4 days ago. Since then I am completely deaf about from whoosing and pulsating in my ear which is unbearable at night when it is quiet and it...

by User avatar samallington182026

Pain from right inner ear, down jaw and neck

Answered by a doctor

Occasionally I get a terrible pain that begins in my right ear, goes down under my jaw, and down the right side of my neck. When this pain occurs, swallowing is terribly painful and the pain stays for various times. Serveral things such as yawning have caused this pain. I have no idea what is...

by User avatar Megfin812

Tiny Lump in my Earlobe

About 10 days ago I’ve noticed tiny ball like lump in my earlobe. It does not look like pimple and is not painful to touch. I think that it has grown a bit during this 10 days. I still haven’t contacted my doctor because of it. It’s starting making me concerned. What could it be?

by User avatar Guest

My daughter has had ear problems since birth and really bad colic

My daughter has had ear problems since birth and really bad colic she has had tonsils, annenoids removed. ent surgeon said she had the biggest tonsils he has ever seen in a child but in the last 3 years she has had ear problems really bad last November she went to our local GP who said her ears...

by User avatar Dudet298983