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Sjogrens Syndrome & difficulty focusing, remembering

Answered by a doctor

Sjogrens seems to cause difficulty focusing, remembering.  It seems to have the effect of causing depression and frustration.  How does a young couple deal with these problems?  Employment is necessary to cover the costs of LIFE!  Young couples hope to start a family, but between this disease...

by User avatar harmonyhavoc273519

Irregular Periods and PCOS

Answered by a doctor

Hi I was having prblem of irregular periods. My doctor diagnosed PCOS and High Testorone level. I was on Oral cotraceptive pills(OCP) for more than 1 year and my Testorone level has gone below expected level. And there is decrease in cyst size also.i am getting regular periods with Pills   I am...

by User avatar xyz

armpit odor from only one pit?

Answered by a doctor

so i am a 25 year old woman and i have, over the last three years, developed a fairly strong odor from my right armpit - but not in my left. what do you think is causing this? a regular deodorant will last maybe an hour on my right pit and will last all day on my left. i have not yet tried any type...

by User avatar Guest

Always Tired and Fatigue

Answered by a doctor

 Lately I have been feeling really tired lately and I would always have the need sleep regardless of what I am doing. I feel like I am sleeping my life away. For example, I would have about 6-7 hours of sleep a day. When I come back home from work, I take a really long nap for about 2-3 hours. 20...

by User avatar richieanderson

Stomach Pain and Sore Breasts - Don't think I'm Pregnant -

Answered by a doctor

I am 20 years old and am one of those girls that thinks shes pregnant almost every month - it's a problem. But this time I'm pretty confused! About 4 or 5 days ago I started experiencing pain in my stomach - and it varies, sometimes its lower in my abdomen and sometimes its upper and feels like a...

by User avatar Jessie82

Are there any other ways to cure the tumor?

I have recently been diagnosed with a pituitary tumor. My doctor has prescribed me bromocriptine, however it is extremely hard for me to go about my daily activities while I am taking this medication. I have symtoms of vomiting , no appetite, and i fall asleep frequently and it is difficult to wake...

by User avatar EliLew254172

i'm not sure what to do now

Wednesday and Thursday I had some weird symptoms, I was very nauseous and dizzy. I felt very light headed, and I had the urge to urinate constantly, then again I was drinking a lot of water those days. I decided on Thursday morning I was going to try and get some sugar into my system since I didn't...

by User avatar Guest

PCOS + Polyps in Sinus + Weird Rectal Bleeding...

Answered by a doctor

Hi,I am trying to figure out what's going on with my body.  I'm so sick and tired of being sick and tired.... And since the things affecting me cover so many different body parts, I thought this might just be the place to start a post...Okay, so I'm 28, 241 lbs (down from 289).  I had metabolic...

by User avatar tif234258

pregnant with extreme symptoms and new onset of genital herpes

Answered by a doctor

Im 9 wks pregnant with my 5th baby, but this pregnancy has been unbearable due to extreme nausea, vomiting, fatigue, diarreah, constipation, headaches, fevers, chills, sweats, complete loss of appetite, and regular insomnia. This all started rt before i missed my first period, and just keeps...

by User avatar honeyblood54

Feel like vomiting

Answered by a doctor

I feel like vomiting but it will not come out. I have a headache and I have lost some of my apatite. I have told my parents and it started yesterday. I went to bed very early and I woke up feeling fine. Then after eating a piece of pizza I felt bad. What is wrong with me?

by User avatar cherarh