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I've been dealing with the excessive tiredness for 10 years

I've been dealing with the excessive tiredness for 10 years..all I want to do is sleep and can't get enough of it..i never feel like doing anything..I've had all kinds of test done and still no answers..I'm 36 years old and should be enjoying life hopefully you guys can help me

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Foggy thinking, anxiousness, nauseous, and multiple recurring issues!

Help! I decided to join a message board because I have so many seemingly unrelated issues and don't know what the underlying cause is. 4 years ago I lost a bunch of weight and started to have issues I attributed to adrenal fatigue- I felt worse after working out, I was extremely exhausted that...

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does masturbating cause lower levels of testerone

Answered by a doctor

i am 15 and i masturbate like once every two days and i am wondering if masturbating causes lower level of testerone because i barely have any muscle and dont have facial hair

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Can you die from any type of pituitary tumors?

Can you die from any type of pituitary tumors????

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Best Progesterone Cream

Answered by a doctor

Hi, which progesterone cream is the best? I heard about some natural derived progesterone creams to be more effective and useful compared to artificial.

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What are the ways in which the body loses water?

The body loses water in perspiration, urine, feces and by what other method?

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working on ship, is pituitary adenoma dangerous?

If a crew member was diagnose with pituitary adenoma on board vessel ( cruises ship) does it have to be a hindrance for him to be accepted for work?

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Diagnosed with Empty Sella Syndrome and having leakage from ears and nose

ESS can also cause CSF leakage from ears and/or nose. I haven't seen where this condition has been mentioned while skimming through earlier posts and thought it would be worth posting. Mine was dx'd by MRI, with and without contr., but I believe they can dx with CT as well. Very rare and gets...

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I have been tired and sleepy ever since I can remember

Answered by a doctor

Hi, ever since I remember, I had a problem with sleeping. I am sleepy and tired the whole day, and in the evening I need 30 seconds to fall asleep. Do you know what could be causing this disorder?

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Problems with sebaceous glands!

Answered by a doctor

Hello. I'm 16 year old male and I'm having serious skin problems. Although I'm very satisfied with the way I look because I'm toll and playing basketball for several years now- I'm not satisfied with the my skin health. I have developed really serious acne problem. These last couple of months I...

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